40k Battle Report: Imperial Fists vs. Death Guard CSM

Had a chance to get a 40k game in this last week against a great guy and opponent at the local game store Heroic Knight Games, down in Issaquah. I haven’t played 40k in a while and got inspired to as I’m building up my 30k Mechanicum army,so I figured I better get more up to speed on 7th Ed. rules if I’m going to play some Horus Heresy action! So I went down and met my sparring partner and we got a game in! Check out short form notes of our game and some pics we took. Must play again soon!

So we agreed to do 1500 point lists, for funsies, to get the rust off the gears and have some fun. My list was a 1500 point version of a list I’ve played before. An all-Nurgle Chaos Space Marines army. The list is roughly here:

  • Chaos Lord with Jump Pack, Burning Brand, Power Sword, MoN
  • Daemon Prince, MoN, Psyker 2 (Psychic Shriek and Nurlge Rot), Wings
  • Plague Marines x7, Champ w/ Fist and Combi-Melta, 2x Melta, Rhino
  • Plague Marines x7, Champ w/ Fist and Combi-Plas, 2x Plasma, Rhino
  • Heldrake w/ Baleflamer
  • 3x Chaos Spawn w/ MoN
  • 2x Obliterators, VotlW
  • Vindicator, no upgrades

Here’s a pic of my force, from behind (should have gone over to the other side of table!)

And below is a pic of the Imperial Fists. I’m going to try to do the list justice – I’m sure I have a few details wrong!

  • Space Marine Librarian, Lvl 2 Psyker
  • Chaplain on bike
  • 10-man scout team with sniper rifles
  • 10-man tac squad in Rhino
  • 10-man devastator squad, 2x lascannon, 2x heavy bolter, 2x missile launcher
  • 6-man bike squad, 1x melta, 1x flamer
  • Storm Talon gunship with twin linked assault cannons and missile launchers
  • Iron Clad Dreadnaught with Chainfist, Helstorm Bolters, melta, and chain fist
  • Dreadnaught Drop Pod
  • Bastion with Ammo Dump and an Icarus Autocannon

Apologies if I missed a few details, I think this is very close!

And here’s a pic of his army! I was a little intimidated with all that anit-flier!

My warlord, Virius Du’rel the Pestilent Wind.

My Nurgley Vindicator!

Chaos Death Guard Rhino with a few Death Guard Plague Marines in there too…

A very icky Chaos Spawn with Mark of Nurgle. I hear there’s pennicillin for what he’s got…

My Warlord is hiding in a building! Coward!

Deployed my Chaos Lord w/ Jump Pack with his spawn retinue, and the oblits on the left flank.

Deployment of the Imperial Fists went next!

I had first turn and we just played a simple game of Kill Points – no objectives. We played for several hours and I started getting the rules back in my head as we went – I was rusty but it all started coming back.

Warlord flies over to the bikes on my turn 1 – tries to Psychic Shriek but all my warp charges are denied!

Here’s a shot where he dropped his pod in my back field in turn 1! That dreadnaught coming out terrified me. It didn’t end up killing any of my Chaos Lord’s pets… phew!


The scene of the carnage after turn 1!

My turn 2 – the Lord and the Spawn move up to engage the Imperial Fists and Librarian!

My Vindicator comes in from reserves and shoots the dreadnaught in the back! Only did a hull point and stunned it though. The dread would take ANOTHER shot to the back in the next turn, live, and in the final turn, turn around and wreck the Vindicator. Doh!

The spawn close in on the Librarian and his unit! WRAAAWR!


Hanging tough after 2 rounds of combat!

It turns out we only got to turn 4 in this game – we were learning the rules again and playing for fun, and we got through end of turn 4 quickly. I was probably up on kill points by the end of the game but the Imperial Fists were making a come back after Killing my warlord, the Daemon Prince, and the Vindicator, and making my Heldrake jink 2 turns in a row from crazy amounts of interceptor fire.

A good game to be sure and I’ll definitely be doing this again soon!

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