Age of Sigmar! All hail Father Nurgle!

Well I finally did it – I jumped into painting models for AoS. I can’t wait to get a game in. I have tons of 40k Daemons, and so I figured I’d use those as a basis for an AoS army. I just need a general – and after perusing the GW website – the choice of a Nurgle Chaos leader was clear. Orghotts Daemonspew is just an awesome miniature. Had to get him and paint him up, and get that much closer to playing AoS with my own painted army. Check out my first AoS specific miniature!

Well I did it! I got miniatures for another game, and I’m not at all ashamed of it. I remember a few years back (man has it been that long?) that Fantasy Battles “End times” was coming out. I loved the models, and even thought about starting an army for Fantasy, but something kept me from jumping in – that whole “end times thing” sort of told me that something was going on in Fantasy and it was probably worthwhile waiting it out a bit. Well then AoS shipped, there was a lot of wailing and gnashing of teeth. We’re in a place where AoS is in a much better place and that’s a great thing. I’m glad, because the models are awesome and it looks like a ton of fun.

So a few months ago I decided, I’m going to try AoS. The general’s handbook had been out for a while, and I reasoned “I can just play my 40k daemons and do minimal model investment and give it a shot”. It looked fun, and I figured I really only needed to get a legit leader model painted up, and I could play AoS easily and with my own models. Now granted, lots of AoS fans were offering for me to play with them and that I could borrow one of their armies, and that is very considerate, but I’m also one of those guys where I do love to have my own force that I’ve put a little bit of my own heart and soul into. So that’s what I did. I mostly have Nurgle Daemons painted up, so naturally I needed to get a Nurgle leader. And man this guy fits the bill! He’s Orghotts Daemonspew, and this model is just downright gorgeous (and gross, but a gorgeous gross, right?)

Anyways, I put him together and had an absolute blast painting him.

So therefore my first real product for an Age of Sigmar army was to get a general for AoS, that I could use for my leader, and then use my 40k daemons as troops. I decided to go with Orghotts Daemonspew because honestly I just really love the model. I figured out after the fact that you don’t really get a battalion bonus by putting Orghotts into a Nurgle Daemons list, but hey who’s counting – it’s rule of cool and this guy drips (pustulent?) cool. Kinda literally if you look at the stinger on the back of that beasty he’s riding.

Anyways, I can’t say I came up with this paint scheme, I honestly used GW Duncan’s painting guide and followed it mostly to the letter (I did the rider with my own scheme, but I think it turned out ok).

Here’s the first of those videos:

And here’s some staged shots of my finished product!

Thanks for looking and let me know what you think, positive or constructive, always appreciated! Thanks


  1. I love this model too. He’s lurking still cozy and boxed-up in my Closet of Shame. I’ve focused on Khorne for AoS as I was doing demos for an FLGS with the starter box. Yours looks fantastic — especially the different use of green hues and the bloody sore gums around the teeth. I am a devotee of various videos from youtube university as well. Hope you get to field him soon in a true match. Great blog post; have you given this monstrosity a personal name yet?

  2. I have not, but I do want to get more AoS games at some point under my belt. The one game I played was loads of fun.

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