Battle Report – 40k 7th Edition first look – Tyranids

Well 7th edition of 40k has been released recently and the 40k community and the internets have all been abuzz with the update – what works, what doesn’t work, and how it’s going to impact the meta. I’m excited about the changes and as a big fan of 6th I was looking forward to seeing what 7th was all about. However, being recently in a hobby rut and needing some inspiration to get my 40k back on, my good friend Chris and I agreed to give the new 7th edition rules a whirl and see what all the hubub is about. We did a small game to test the rules and to get our Tyranid on – check out the battle report!

So in summary, I like the new 7th edition rules. I haven’t fully gotten my head around all of them after only playing a single 1000 point game, but it feels like the rules have tightened up and a lot of ambiguity has been removed. I think, like Reece at Frontline Gaming is describing, and the guys at Overlord Gaming are also suggesting, some tweaks might be needed to balance it in your meta (like the psychic dice and the Maelstrom misson cards), but overall it felt good. I encourage you to give it a whirl if you’re on the fence.

So check out the battle report video below, and after that there’s a few pics of the battle. Enjoy!

Here’s some pictures we took during the battle.

The biovores set up, ready to barrage the incoming swarm.

Zoanthropes bringing up the left flank as a synapse anchor. They never really got a shot off with their warp blast – chalk it up to learning the new psyker rules.

Warrior prime, warriors, and carnifex on the right flank. Man did I mis-use the carnifex in this game. Sad carnifex.

Chris’ tervigons pooped out 69 termigants this game. That’s over 270 points!

Lots of termigants on the right flank…


Wider view from my side’s back field. Lots of termigants in this small game.

Moving up the side with venoms providing shrouded – they worked well this game, and not a half-bad assault unit against lesser foes.

Zoanthropes really did nothing more than provide durable synapse this game.

Mawloc was scary but didn’t hit its target (the zoans), so had only a small impact. Killed 2 termigants.

Called the game after turn 4 – too much killed and not enough left to get significant victory points.


  1. love your table and terrain

  2. Thanks! Been working on terrain fora while and have the luxury of having a great gaming group that contributes to the terrain pile. The Games Workshop battle boards are a huge help too.

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