Battle Report pictures – 1200 points Space Wolves vs. Chaos

Had a great game of 40k with my regular sparring buddy on Friday. We’re getting much more comfortable with 6th edition rules and we figured we’d try a small battle of 1200 points today. The battle was a ton of fun. We played the scourge mission with 6 objectives, all of varying points. 1 point went to first blood (first unit killed), 1 point to whoever killed the opposing warlord, and 1 for linebreaker (in enemy deployment zone). Fast attack counted as troops (only 1 unit in this game – Space Wolf Thunderwolf Cav). Some pictures below of the battle with short descriptions. All in all a very enjoyable and hard fought battle.

Link to Nurgle Army List

Picture of forces deployed. Chaos deployed first and has first turn.

Space Wolves deployment in the Northwest corner. Thunderwolf cavalry is behind the forest. Long Fangs with heavy bolters and plasma cannon in the forest on top of a 4-point objective marker. Rhino with Grey Hunters on the far left flank.

Chaos Nurgle deployment in southwest corner. Nurgle marked Daemon Prince and lascannon predator are holding this flank. The two Rhinos are in the center taking cover in the twisted mutated wood. On first turn Chaos takes first blood by killing 3 Long Fangs with lascannon predator.

Shot from bottom of turn 1. Long Fangs in ruin in northeast wreck a Rhino and the plague marines pile out.

In top of turn 2 – space wolves in central Rhino move up and move to claim one of the center objectives. The terminators deep strike in and fire all their combi-plasmas at this unit, killing several.

Bottom of turn 2 – Space Wolves move up and bring some pain to the plague marines in the open.

Still bottom of turn 2 – plague marines and Space Wolves trading bolter shots.

Bottom of turn 2 still – the Thunderwolf Cavalry charge forward and catch the Nurgle Daemon prince in close combat. The Daemon Prince swings his scythe and puts one wound on the thunderwolves. The thunderwolves retaliate and put one wound on the prince. Between the thunderwolf cav and the meltas by the nearby grey hunters, the prince has 2 wounds on him.

The prince in trouble – thunderwolf cavalry bringing the pain.

Another shot of the ensuing combat.

Dog pile on the nurgle prince! Get it? Dog pile… ahem.

In the top of turn 3, the prince ends up slaying one thunderwolf cav. In the end the remaining thunderwolves bring him low and slay him.

Once they’re done with the prince, the thunderwolves take an eye towards the predator. The twin-linked lascannon turret with lascannon sponson predator is remarkably effective this game and will eventually win the Nurgle team MVP award.

Bottom of 3, thunderwolves move forward and charge the predator. Remarkably do no damage to the predator.

Space wolves continue to bring the heat in bottom of turn 3, reducing the once 8 man squad of plague marines down to just two bloated and diseased individuals.

After weathering fire from terminators, plague marines, lascannon predator, and havoc missile launchers on the rhinos, the middle grey hunter squad, now reduced to 3 Space Wolves, continue on stalwartly towards the objective in the bottom of turn 3.

Top of turn 4 – 2nd rhino moves up and disgorges it’s plague marines into the twisted wood and on top of the objective. They let loose a torrent of bolter and melta fire, wiping out the grey hunters. They move in to claim the objective.

Top of 4 – terminators slogging towards those pesky long fangs, doing minimal damage with their bolters.

Top of 4 still – after the dust settles on so many bolter shots and melta gun shots – the space wolves guarding this objective have been killed.

Survey of the field at the top of 4 – the plague marines are now free and clear to claim one of the center objectives while the plagues on the far left flank are in some serious trouble looking down the barrels of so many space wolf bolters.

The last remaining (wounded) thunderwolf charges the Nurgle predator and does enough hull points worth of damage to wreck it. Given that these were vanilla thunderwolves, they more than did their job by killing the 150 point prince and the 180 point predator. Top marks for the thunderwolf cav in this game.

The Grey Hunters in the Rhino in the Northwest pile back into their rhino and make haste towards one of the center objectives, the one worth 4 points. They quickly then pile out in the bottom of turn 4 to claim the objective near the wood.

Top of turn 5 – the Nurgle Terminators shoot at the Long Fangs with their bolters, killing 1 and causing a leadership test, which is failed. The Long Fangs quickly make for the edge of the board but are still in the game.

In turn 4, the obliterators decided to grace the battle field with their presence. They drop in on the east flank to help the 2 plague marines contest the objective. They come in and fire plasma cannons and do some damage. In the ensuing turn here (top of turn 5), they charge into the remaining space wolves after bathing them in twin-linked flamers (resulting in no casualties). Then they charge in.

In the resulting close combat, the oblits kill both Space Wolves, but the power-fist sarge has the last laugh, causing 2 wounds on his 2 attacks, effectively rabbit-punching both oblits and sending them back in the warp where they belong. Classic close combat where everyone kills each other and all fall over dead at the end. The bemused plague marines nearby watch the spectacle…

Wider shot of the eastern portion of the battle field at the end of top of Turn 5.

Bottom of turn 5 – in the top of 4 the terminators had killed enough Long Fangs to cause a morale test, which they failed. In the bottom of 4 they auto-rally and drop krak missiles into their Nurgle Terminator pursuers, doing no damage.

In the last turn (not shown here), the thunderwolf cavalry last man standing was the only thing that could cause the game to tie. He was within striking distance of an objective. The game at the top of 6 was at 7 points to 5 points chaos. If Chaos could not kill the TWC in that turn, the Wolves could claim a tie game as the objective in striking distance was 2 points. The terminators then moved up to fire and did no damage. The havoc missile launcher on the last rhino then fired, and miraculously peeled the last wound off the last remaining TWC. So in the end, the Wolves did not have enough scoring units to contest or hold an objective. Chaos narrowly wins, and in all honesty with some pretty blind luck.

In retrospect, I would have gone after the TWC a little more aggressively with the terminators instead of going after the grey hunters in the center objective. The amount of carnage the TWC (even in vanilla form) cannot be underestimated. I also probably wouldn’t have put my obliterators on the far east flank, but in retrospect they actually did pretty well given how late they came into the game and how they enabled the 2 man plague marine squad to capture that objective.

A great game – and here’s to smaller points games being just as fun (if not funner? is that a word?) than big games!


  1. Interesting battle report, thanks for the read. Did you think about putting your daemon prince in ‘flyer’ mode? With no anti aircraft on the space wolf side, you could have flown around making vector strikes, or striking the space wolf back line rather then getting bogged down in a melee with the TWC.

  2. Indeed, much fun had by all. This was a good fight.

    For Russ and the End times!

  3. The Sons of Russ fought valiantly. It was a battle worthy of remembering!

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