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LVO 2016

February 20, 2016 Posted by cranky

Hey everyone – back from LVO 2016 and boy did I take a crapton of pictures. I had a great time even though my plans for the trip had to get altered slightly (details inside). Nonetheless I had a blast and met old friends, made some new ones, saw and met some internet famous people and overall had a great time and am inspired to get there again next year. This year was even bigger than last year and I can’t wait to get back there again next year – particularly to play 30k! Details inside…


Getting my DzC on – painting up my Shaltari

August 23, 2015 Posted by cranky

I’m so pumped up about finally getting some other projects wrapped and really focusing on my Shaltari for Dropzone Commander. I’ve been focused on Warmachine for a while and since I’m in a pretty good spot with that, it’s finally time to redirect some of my hobby hours to getting my DzC stuff rolling. In all honesty, life has been super-busy of late and my hobby time is very precious, and I have to make every hour count. Luckily, Hawk Wargames has made some super incredible models and they paint up quite easily and look stunning with minimal effort. I’ve only spent a few sessions getting these guys painted up and already I’m very happy with the results. Check out some progress pics below to see where I’m at.


Getting Started with Dropzone Commander

March 9, 2015 Posted by cranky

I’ve been interested in Dropzone Commander for a while now, but just hadn’t pulled the trigger. I felt that I had gotten into something that *wasn’t* 40k with Warmachine / Hordes, and that I couldn’t really justify a new miniatures game (either with time to focus on it or financially). I recently went to LVO and one of my main goals was to check out other games as I definitely had interest, but needed to balance it with ability. I was specifically interested in 30k and/or Dropzone Commander. I was excited with what I saw with DzC, and walked away being keen on getting started on my DzC journey. Check out some pics from LVO on my experience with DzC and some first pics of some of the models I’ve built since.


My Experience: Las Vegas Open 2015

February 23, 2015 Posted by cranky

I finally pulled the trigger and made the commitment about 6 months ago to go to a wargaming tournament and see the spectacle, and I wasn’t disappointed! I recently, this last weekend, had the opportunity to go to the Las Vegas Open (LVO), hosted by Frontline Gaming. What a spectacle and a show! A well run convention / tournament with all kinds of games to be seen. The event was largely dominated by 40k, but many other games were represented, such as Warmachine/Hordes, Ininity, Drop Zone Commander, Malifaux, and more. Below is a chronicle of my (very positive) experience.