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Commission Khanjira Dragon!

January 30, 2018 Posted by cranky

I was asked by a good friend to paint a dragon miniature for his D&D campaign master before the holiday break, and I just got finished with it, right before I left for LVO 2018. Being my first commission paint job (I’ve done a few commission conversion jobs for this chap here), but this was my first real commission painted piece. I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. He’s an absolute beast of a miniature (no pun intended), and I hope the client gets as much joy out of him as I did in painting h im up. Check out the details inside!


Age of Sigmar! All hail Father Nurgle!

May 12, 2017 Posted by cranky

Well I finally did it – I jumped into painting models for AoS. I can’t wait to get a game in. I have tons of 40k Daemons, and so I figured I’d use those as a basis for an AoS army. I just need a general – and after perusing the GW website – the choice of a Nurgle Chaos leader was clear. Orghotts Daemonspew is just an awesome miniature. Had to get him and paint him up, and get that much closer to playing AoS with my own painted army. Check out my first AoS specific miniature!