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Frostgrave Battle Reports!

March 13, 2016 Posted by cranky

Well hello there everyone! I have even more pictures of a recent game day at Chez du Cranky, this time with some fabulous frosty Frostgrave action! We had a big gang over to my house this last weekend and got a couple of really good Frostgrave games in. I stepped out half-way through the game day to do the way more important things in life (dance recital). With all the lifey-life stuff happening on same day we did manage to get a couple of great games in. Click below to see more Frostgrave action shots and some commentary on our gaming group’s newest obsession!


Frostgrave Battle Report – Hunt The Golem Campaign

December 9, 2015 Posted by cranky

Hey everyone! Our gaming group recently had the chance to have another great day of Frostgrave gaming. We had 2 great gaming tables set up and a couple of amazing battles played out. Specifically, we played the “Hunt the Golem” mini campaign from the supplemental Frostgrave materials. We played all 3 scenarios, and in our last battle, we had a 5-way game of Frostgrave rocking out on a big 4×6 table! Spells were cast. Treasure was captured. Warbands increased their powers. And much fun was had. Check out the video battle report within as well as many pictures of the game day inside!


Frostgrave first games and Review

October 19, 2015 Posted by cranky

I had my first games of Frostgrave with my gaming group this last weekend, and boy what a fun game! I’ve heard that this game is called “the spiritual successor of Mordheim”, but I’m here to tell you this game was way more fun than my memory of that game (and that was a great game). Very straightforward game but at the same time surprisingly deep for such a basic rule set, it was an instant hit with our gaming group. I’ll walk through the two games I played of Frostgrave, then I’ll talk a little bit about the game itself afterwards.