Chaos Daemon Prince conversion – done!

Well this guy has been a long time in the making. I finished painting this guy in the winter of 2013 and he sat on the shelf waiting for the weather to get better before I sealed him with clear coat. Now he’s done (well not 100% done, I need to put some metal flake on the rusted parts but that won’t take long) and he’s ready for the battlefield. I started this guy a long time ago with progress shots here and I’m glad he’s finally gotten completed. He’s one of my favorite conversions. Some pics below of this guy. I’m finding that now I’m building a Chaos Daemons army, I can use him in a dual role for HQ in CSM or HS for CD.

Here’s the big guy. I can’t tell if he’s saying “Come at me bro” or giving the enemy the finger. Maybe both. Probably subconciously intentional on my part.

Some detail on the gore in rotting carcass parts of him from the back angle. The green stuff and the bony tail parts seem to really give the rotting meat look some serious heft.

From the top he has a commanding presence. “Bring it!!!”

More rotting carcass and the organic horn ripping out of his shoulder pad. This guy’s seen better days.

And that’s a wrap. Long time in the making for this guy with my hobby OCD bringing me to one project then another. Glad this dude is finally a wrap. Now only to wait for the next edition of the codex so he’s actually worth fielding! 😉



  1. I absoluetly love your nurgle army and have been inspired to start my own. As my first time collecting all things nurgle I am curious if you can post a tutorial on your greenstuff technique….I have no experiance with the stuff. Much thanks!

  2. Thank you! It’s been a labor of love to be sure. I’ve really enjoyed creating my Nurgle army. It’s funny you ask – I’ve just been asked to do a commission Nurgle Rhino top hatch with the spine splitting out the back. I’ll take some videos and tutorial bits for you and post them here.

  3. That would be awesome, the effects you achieve are stunning. The rhino spine is my favorite.

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