Chaos Daemons – Daemon Prince of Slaanesh completed

A short time ago I finished 2 conversions as a commission for by friend Tobie over at Tiny Metal Men blog. I built a Lord of Change (see earlier blog post here) and a Slaanesh Daemon Prince, in exchange for his painting services on some Chaos Cultists for my Khorne Daemonkin army. I was amazed at how quickly and how amazingly he painted up the Slaanesh Daemon prince. Check out the conversion pics and the final painted article here!

Here is the final painted article! I think Tobie did a great job. I’m glad he’s happy with it. You can see the details of the post on his blog here.

The Parts

Tobie gave me some high level ideas on what to do for this conversion, but he left me to cast vision and come up with the details. He said he wanted 4 arms, wings, and a tail, and the rest was up to me. So I went to work.

Here’s a list o parts I used for this one:

  • Chaos Daemon Prince Torso
  • Chaos Daemon Prince Wings
  • Chaos Daemon Prince arms (converted to hold different weapons)
  • Chaos Daemon Prince loin cloth
  • Chaos Helbrute shoulder pads
  • Chaos Slaanesh symbol, shaved from a Rhino armor plate (curved & glued to shoulder pad)
  • Tyranid Hive Tyrant Flyrant tail
  • Tyranid Hive Guard crushing claws (plastic kit)
  • Tyranid Harpy/Crone kit tail spike
  • Dark Elf WFB Blood Cauldron Statue Swords
  • Really old Chaos Slaanesh Deamon Prince head (old metal version)
  • Custom 60mm round base with cork and sand

Pics of the modeling

Here is the full model, minus the head, so you can see the chest detail.

Here’s a close up of the chest. Some other guidance Tobie gave me was “some body horror is ok”. I went to town with that! I figured an androgynous breast was in play, and the other side of the chest could be body horror, and a scarified removed breast and maybe a carved in Slaanesh symbol was also thematic. You can also see the belt, that I carved down from the Daemon Prince belt, based on feedback, as well as carved a Slaanesh symbol in there, again with the body horror theme.

Here’s another shot of the torso, different angle to see some of the detail.

From a higher angle.

Here’s a side pic of some of the detail. I made a large belt with a Slaanesh symbol green stuffed on it to sorta look like it was carved into flesh. I also converted up some Daemon prince arms and put the large scimitar swords I found on Ebay from the Dark Elf kits, and had to green stuff in some fingers in there, as the fingers that were there didn’t really work and look like it was gripping the sword.

Rotated a bit to see the other details. I had a lot of green stuff work to do to get the torso smoothed into the taper of the Hive Tyrant tail.

From the other side. You can also see the green stuff work needed to smooth the Hive Crone tail tip into the tail of the Hive Tyrant. I removed the Hive Tyrant tail tip and pinned in the new one, and smoothed it over with the green stuff.

Some detail of the finger work I had to do to make the sword look like it was being gripped by the hand. I had to remove the existing fingers and sculpt new ones.

The finished product again, closer up.

Well, I hope you liked this walk through of the conversion process! I am really impressed with Tobie’s work on the paint scheme, and the execution. I like the inverse dark flesh and pink armor parts and highlights, he really made it come to life!

Thanks again for looking – as always commentary appreciated!


  1. Love your work. The swap of a Hive Tyrant tail for the Trygon tail was inspired.

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