Chaos Daemons – Lord of Change Conversion commission completed!

Well gamers – I’ve had this commission on my work bench for some time, and feeling a *little* guilty for how long it took me to get completed, but I feel like it’s pretty much done and I’m ready to show it off. A friend of mine, introduced through the Facebook page and some Nurgle scultping work I did, reached out to me with a special project, and I was happy to take it on. It was going to be a challenge as it would test my skills to do real anatomy. I think it turned out pretty well and I’m happy to say it’s complete. Check it out inside for progress and finished work!

The client (over at Tiny Metal Men) was interested in restoring an old Lord of Change model he had. The problem was is that this old LoC was needing a little bit of love – the left arm, with staff, was missing, as were the wings. His mission he set me upon was to resculpt and / or convert up a new version of this guy that recaptured the miniature and was usable. The challenge was set.!

The first thing I needed to do was disassemble what he had and strip the paint – green stuff isn’t necessarily going to stick to paint to well and this guy was no excpetion. I stripped him a few times – I think it might have had oil enamel on him as he took a while to strip. After I got him all cleaned up I got to work at re-assembling him, pinning all the parts, green stuffing all the joins, and then get to work on the reconstruction work.

The first part was actually pretty easy. He supplied some plastic wings from the Flamespyre Pheonix Fantasy range wings, which I pinned onto the back. The plastic is thin and the back of the model had a green stuff hood built up on it, so I pinned into the existing green stuff, which seemed to hold well. I built a nice custom base for him to stand on and pinned him to that as well. I then got to work rebuilding that arm.

First shot of him rebuilt, and a pin where the future green stuff arm would be. The arm is starting to be built out.

Another shot of that nascent forming arm.

Another shot, from a rotated angle.

Side shot.

From the back.

Before I finished the arm, I built a green stuff staff. Every LoC needs to have a wicked staff, so I started one. Brass rod for the base, built green stuff wood around it. I have a Tzeentch emblem propped up there on the top – it isn’t glued yet, but just for an idea of what it’s going to look like.

Another shot with that future emblem looking like it should. There will be Tzeentchian flames coming out of the top too – we’ll see that later.

Now with the rebuilt arm, holding the staff. Still some cleanup on the hand, but it’s functionally there. Some details to be added.

From the back. You can see how the hand bends to the arm. It’s all pinned from the hand and into the staff itself, down through the arm, as a single continuous pin through the entire reconstruction.

From the front.

After the putty dried on the hand, I went back to add details, like knuckles on the fist.

Putting that emblem back there to see how it positions and looks. I glued it in place after I put some Tzeentch flaming chariot flame on top of the staff – every Tzeentch staff needs to have weird Tzeentch flames coming off it, right?

Can kinda see the flames coming off the back.

From the top – he’s really getting ready to throw down some wicked spell!

So there he is! I hope you enjoyed this walk through of this commission conversion. Thoughts and feedback welcome!

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  1. He really turned out great. Great rehab on the model. Can’t wait to get him painted.

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