Chaos Space Marine – Nurgle Rhino Hatch commission

A recent request came in through this blog to do a custom commission “Nurgle Rhino Top-Hatch” similar to the ones I did for my Nurgle CSM army. The request came from a posting of a Facebook battle report and link to some pictures that were took at a local gaming shop >Heroic Knight Games in Issaquah, WA. I spent a lot of time getting my Nurgles custom-built and I’m happy to share the love! Check out the details of the bits used and the pics of the top hatch – all hail Father Nurgle!

Here’s the basis of which the conversion was made. Essentially you put a spine down the center and then build up rotten, split, and decayed flesh around the spine with green stuff to get the desired effect.

The bits I use are pretty simple:
1. Rhino top hatch (duh)
2. A now out of print Chapterhouse Studios Tyranid Lash Whip arm (warrior sized).

Given that these are now out of print, you can use other bits such as a new Nagash model spine or other similar spine from virtually any undead line – just make sure it’s long enough and thick enough to look to scale with the Rhino.

Here is the completed conversion. The idea is to glue the piece of spine down the middle of the top hatch. Then build green stuff up around it to make it look like the spine is erupting through rotted, cracked, necrotic skin.

Liberal application of open sores and broken areas make it more convincing. I use a metal sculpting tool with one sharp spade end and one sharp scoop end to make this kind of detail. Use the scoop end to punch in the detail, and use the blade end to make the definition between the skin and the open sore area more sharp.

Get some good cracks in that rotted flesh, and make sure you make some pustule holes and fill with a little ball of green stuff to make the buboe!

Down the length of it. Making the raw, rotting skin next to the bone makes for a gruesome mutation to the Rhino’s armor…

Open sores and cracked skin

Top view

One last side view.

Thank you for looking! I enjoy creating these types of custom conversions for Nurgle CSM armies. If you’re interested in knowing more or have questions, post here or contact me at


UPDATE 4/17/2015:
My new friend Tobie has finished his Nurgle Rhino using this top hatch, you can check out his blog posts here:


  1. Wonderful work you did, it looks amazing. If the lash whips are OOP have you found a good place to buy the spines for this type of conversion?

  2. I think they’re back up and for sale from Chapter House Studios now that the lawsuit has passed. You can also get the Nagash spines that come from his back, they could work well too!

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