Chaos Vindicator Madness!

Being somewhat of a completist with my Nurgle Chaos Space Marines army (as well as having several units of Plague Marines having their butts handed to them at the hands of IG Leman Russ Demolisher cannons), I felt compelled to get somd Chaos Vindicators assembled and ready for action for my Nurgles. I love Nurgling up vehicles and these guys were no exception, and in fact I had a blast thinking through these conversions while trying to stay fluffy with the rationale behind the conversions.

I’m working several projects concurrently right now, but one thing I’ve got in the rotation (and pretty much done at this point) are these 2 Vindicators. I wanted them to be fluffy in the sense that Vindicators were often used by the Forces of Ruin during the Heresy, so I thought these guys have been around for millenia. Given that, they’ve probably seen a lot of action and have weathered many battles and battle scars, being repaired, rebuilt, fixed, deployed, and repaired again and cycled continuously for over 10,000 years I tried to capture that a little in the battle damage on these guys, while keeping them distincly Nurgle.

Check out the pics below and the video on my most recent corroded concoctions for my Nurgles!

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