Commission Khanjira Dragon!

I was asked by a good friend to paint a dragon miniature for his D&D campaign master before the holiday break, and I just got finished with it, right before I left for LVO 2018. Being my first commission paint job (I’ve done a few commission conversion jobs for this chap here), but this was my first real commission painted piece. I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. He’s an absolute beast of a miniature (no pun intended), and I hope the client gets as much joy out of him as I did in painting h im up. Check out the details inside!

This guy is a Reaper Bones line Khanjira monster. Its a great looking model and it is HUGE. My only misgiving on this model is that it is from the Bones line. It’s a flexible resin/plastic substance and it flexes / bends VERY easily, which tends to crack any paint on it if you’re not careful. It took me a while to get this guy painted, and I made a custom base for him. I hope the client enjoys him!

Thanks for looking!

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