Dark Apostle conversion with Tentacle Maker

So I am super stoked. Like, crazy stoked. Why? Because I am really having fun with a new conversion I dreamed up and working on, but the icing on the cake is that the conversion process got a lot simpler and cooler with new tool I ordered from Green Stuff Industries (GSI). It’s called “tentacle maker”, and it seems tailor made for Chaos conversions.

Now, I am in the process of putting my 40 Chaos cultist together (3 hours of mold line scraping the other morning, thank you very much), and of course you need a Dark Apostle to go with your cultists, right? Well, I do love the GW mini. I really do. But maybe I’m getting old or thrifty (cheap?) or just need to exercise creativity, but > $20 for a single miniature seems a bit steep. So, I raided the bits box and started to assemble something, all the while waiting for my Tentacle Maker, was looking forward to Nurgling this guy up with some cool new tentacles. Some work-in progress shots below…

So this is fun because this guy is a hodge-podge of no less than 10 different minis & bits. The legs are old 90’s chaos marine legs that I have no idea where they came from. Torso is a standard plastic torso that I carved down and green stuffed up. Arms are from the standard plastic boxed set Chaos Marine sprues, but chopped, pinned, and reposed to put them in the right positioning. The left arm is from the standard Chaos Marine sprue, specifically the power sword arm, but I cut off the blade, and then took the power maul shaft from the new Dark Vengeance boxed set, and pinned it to the handle of the power sword. The pommel of the new power maul is a resin skull from a shoulder pad of a ForgeWorld Death Guard conversion set shoulder pad. Head and shoulder pads are standard, right arm is standard but cut up, pinned, and repositioned. It will have a combi bolter on it at some point. The backpack was carved up to remove the exhaust ports and I used the weapon gargoyles from the Chaos Rhino boxed set to be the new exhaust ports. I used some random spiky bit from the Chaos Marines sprue as the Sigil of Corruption.

The really cool bit is how the tentacle maker comes into play. I got it yesterday, and today while I was green stuffing up my standard Nurgle belly on him, I decided to give it a whirl. I got the 3-set (which is a good deal), and made a few different tentacles and hoses, and attached them here. There’s no way I could have done nice clean segmented tentacles and hoses like this.

So he’s still a work in progress, but I’m really happy with how the conversion is coming along. I plan on putting some green stuff robes on his sides and maybe some flowing parchments of evil arcaneness or something along his sides, we’ll see.

Side shot. You can see better detail of the hose going across his belly that I made with the Tentacle Maker.

Other side. You can see the tentacle coming out of his left armpit and wrapping around this left thigh from this angle.

So indeed – super impressed with the Tentacle Maker. I’m going to use it a lot more in future Chaos projects. It was really easy to use and makes great results quite simply. Check out their web site at http://greenstuffindustries.blogspot.com/.

Update (11/9/2012 9:29pm):

Added some more robes and green stuff work to add to this guy’s Dark Apostle-ness:

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  1. Looking good! And I am not fond of the official model (the paper scripts are really bad, IMHO), so this guy’s a really nice alternative.

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