DeepWars video battle report – Atalans vs. Dark Mariners 800 points

I just finished composing a video battle report for DeepWars, the undersea tactical miniatures combat game by Antimatter Games. This battle report is an 800 point battle (roughly 8-10 models per side) between the Ancients of Atalan vs. the Dark Mariners. In this first battle report, the two opposing factions battle for supremacy over the center objective of the map. This being our first video battle report, we go over some mechanics and go into details for the dice roll modifiers, etc, to help the newcomer to DeepWars better understand the game. Check out the link inside to see the full recap of the action!

Find our first video battle report for DeepWars here:


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  2. An excellent play through and introduction to a game I’ve been compelled to try for several years now. Thank you. I’ve never played Songs of Blades & Heroes, but this seems a bit more detailed than what I’ve witnessed at conventions. I do love the Secret Objectives. They seem relevant and game changing without any taxing complexity. The Nautiloid Chrysalid is superbly sculpted — what a blast that would be on my hobby desk. And cheers to a fully painted battle report! I look forward to watching the rest of the videos.

  3. Thank you! We really enjoy this game and it has become a staple of our gaming group. So much fun and such a visually appealing game.

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