Dreams of Apocalypse 40k

It’s been a long-standing dream of mine to have enough (painted!) stuff for at least a single army to have a sizeable Apocalypse game. Recent thoughts of getting into Tau or a 3rd army have been usurped to going back to that dream and the long road to get me to the Apocalypse table will fully-fledged, painted, and finished army. What a ride! My Chaos forces seem to be in the best spot to get me there by the end of the year, and so that is going to be my focus. Now I may take a short detour to pick up a ‘Nid model assembly or painting diversion, but the bulk of my hobby effort for this year will be a re-commitment to finalizing my Chaos Marines.

Getting my Land Raiders base coated re-invigorated me to focus on my Chaos work. Not sure why, I’ve been so focused on troops and individual models for so long I may have gotten myself a little burned out on them. But seeing my Land Raiders look like they were close to completion (my first vehicle paint jobs EVER), was inspiring.

So I’ve got a long ways to go, but in truth I’ve gotten a LOT asssembled, even from last year’s Apocalypse game, with game report captured here. I’ve only gotten more assembled since then, although some of that stuff wasn’t fully Nurglified (looking at you Plaguereaper) and to be certain, not everything I owned was on the table. So it’s more of a question of buckling down and getting what I do have in a “finalized” state and painted.

So Hobby Challenges for sure for the rest of this year will focus on completion of Chaos Space Marine work, with a new and improved meta-game – Get to the Apocalypse!.

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