Forgeworld Chaos Decimator WIP, Part 2

chaos nurgle decimator

Been working on assembling my 2nd Decimator and it’s going pretty well. I was concerned that the first Decimator that I assembled was too tall – specifically, I didn’t ensure that the legs (which come in 3 parts – thigh, shin, and elongated foot bone, much like a digitigrade leg) were assembled such that they would make the model have that canonical “hunched” look. Turns out that with my 2nd Decimator, I intentionally tried to make the legs as compact as possible, and in the end the model is really only about 1/2 cm shorter than his less-hunched counterpart. So I think that it’s maybe not as critical as one thinks to get the leg positioning as tight as possible – I think they both came out pretty good.

chaos nurgle decimator

I’ve put together the 2nd decimator and placed it next to the first one I made (on the left). They look pretty similar in height. The model is pretty easy to put together so far, but you do have to pay a little attention to the leg joins. The joints don’t line up very well, and the sockets kind of need to be either spread apart a bit or filled with green stuff so that the ball on the next leg piece connects with the socket in the upper leg piece. Overall it’s not too big of a deal and with some pinning after the fact, it is definitely doable.

I’m going to leave the shoulder pads off for now until after the body and the shoulders are painted separately. The shoulder pads would hide too much of that great detail with all the hoses and pipes, which would be a shame, so I’m going to hold off on complete assembly (something I rarely do) to ensure I get proper coverage and reasonable access to paint all the detail areas.

In front of the decimator bodies I’ve got my 4 Butcher Cannons, magnetized. One elbow socket is next to them, with magnet in it, for polarization checking. I’m being smart (I hope!) and just magnetizing one side of the elbows (on the same side each time) and putting one magnet in the weapon arms, always with the polarity in the same direction. There will be a small, small gap on one side of each elbow, but I think that’s a small price to pay for ease of magnetization and having any weapon arm be able to fit in any elbow socket (all weapon arms are thus “ambidextrous”).

chaos nurgle decimator

And for those of you not too squeamish to keep reading after seeing the picture above, I thought I’d share my latest incident of hobby mishap with you. Opening the Forgeworld blister packs of the Butcher Cannons this morning, I mananged to put a little too much pressure on the BRAND NEW x-acto knife blade and go right through the plastic box and proceed to go right through the tip of my finger. Funny story – about 15 years ago (yes, that long ago), I was using an x-acto knife to clean up a Slaanesh fiend miniature (pewter, mind you young whippersnappers), and hit a burr with the knife. Logically, my brain said, more pressure should fix that. Same thing happened, but 15 years ago I literally nearly took the entire tip of my finger off. Seriously, down to the bone and through the nail on the other side, etc. Good times. This wound this morning is nearly in the exact same spot but not nearly as bad or as deep.

Just goes to show that when working on Chaos models, the Chaos gods are fickle and demand sacrifice. This time around, Papa Nurgle required tribute in the form of my finger for magnetizing his Decimators.


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    I have a question. What is the decimator sizes? If you would give me the centimeters, or inches.

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