Forgeworld Chaos Decimator WIP

chaos nurgle decimator

Been working on assembling 2 Decimator Daemon engines I purchased recently from Forgeworld. Gorgeous models. Legs are a bit fiddly and don’t fit together perfectly, and hard to get the pose and the overall height of the model right, but so far so good. If you aren’t careful the model can end up being really tall. Gotta get those legs in a more hunched position for the next one. This one’s not bad, but lordy, does he TOWER over just about everything else I have in my army. Should be suitably intimidating on the table. I would be!

Here’s the picture of him full-size. I haven’t put the sholders or the arms on yet. The arms will be magnetized to allow alternate weapon loadouts. So far I have Butcher Cannons and Seige Claws for my two decimators, enough to have both armed either way. So plenty of flexibility there.

chaos nurgle decimator


  1. Not surprised about the legs. FW models are gorgeous, but almost always have something fiddly about them.

  2. I actually just finished assembling the other Decimator this morning (pictures soon). Even when I took great care to make the legs as compact and hunched as possible, the 2nd Decimator is only nominally (like 1/2 a cm) shorter than the first. So I don’t think it made that much difference. The thing is a monster!

  3. I’m afraid.

  4. He’s a beast, isn’t he?!?!?

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