Forgeworld Nurgle Blight Drones – off the sprues

chaos nurgle blight drone

Wow, I’m in super-construct mode recently. I really should be painting, but I recently got a big Forgeworld order and I’m on a roll to get everything built so I can get it on the table. The slow, painful slog to paint it all comes later 🙂 These guys are destined to be used (if I can get them assembled in time) for an upcoming Apocalypse game (my first actually – targeting 6000 points).

chaos nurgle blight drone

Here they are, all off the sprues and a little cleaned-up. Still need a lot more cleaning up, but essentially just got them off the sprues and and cleaned up with soap and water to get any mold release agent off them so they’ll glue together properly.

Bonus points to anyone who can count the actual number of Blight Drones that are in there…


  1. Looks like a lot of bits in there!

  2. Those are going to look awesome!

  3. Ah thanks! I can’t wait to assemble them. The Forgeworld Nurgle stuff is really some of their best stuff (at least IMHO).

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