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    What follows is the account as told by COL. Jenkins, Cadian 121st Infantry Regiment, Captive-Scribe of the Warboss Garm Skullkrusha.

    Day One 0500: It’s misty out. Going to make the armor rust. The mist didn’t help our shooting much, but Garm is not one to worry about the firefight. Garm likes to get stuck in quick and fast like and not waste any time.

    Garm likes krumpin and krumpin is what Garm is his boys are good at. So Garm, he decides that he’s going to rush these Space Marines and get stuck in good and proper.

    We got stuck in so good, that they next thing we know, we get get out of our way fast enough and some of the boys start stacking on another. I’ve seen this before and I was surprised they didn’t start fighting with each other. But Garm’s Nobs kept everyone in line.

    So they get stuck in and start mixing it up pretty good with these chappies, I think they were dark angels. Garm like’s Dark Angels because they are green like Orks and they seem to like a good scrap. They shot out a few trucks on the way in. But no problem! There’s just trucks!

    It was a good scrap and Garm crushed a few skulls. But some of those Dark Angels were pretty tough – those boys with the shields and the fails really brought alot of pain.

    In the end we took the valley. Garm heap the dead and made a big bonfire in homage to Mork.

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