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    The Siege of Thrax

    The siege of Thrax centers on the struggle for the planet Thrax and its largest city, Thrax Primaris. A sprawling city exceeding 3 billion human beings, Thrax Primaris is a major manufacturer of small arms and ammunition vital to the numerous war efforts along the periphery sub-sector. In ages past the site now dominated by the city held the ruins of an ancient xenos fortress. Early settlers destroyed the ruins and constructed their settlement atop the foundations left behind. Unbeknownst to those settlers and the souls dwelling within the shadowy industrial habs of present day Thrax Primaris, in the sealed off catacombs beneath the heart of the city sleeps an ancient evil spawned from the depths of the warp. The daemon lord Zarandramelex has slumbered in his prison since the days when the Egarion Dominion held sway over the Calyx Expanse and as the millennia have slipped by its bonds have begun to loosen.

    The dreaming daemon seeks aid in escaping his prison and powerful servants of the ruinous powers have answered his call. Spilling forth from the nearby warp storm of the Screaming Vortex the chaos legionnaires of the Death Guard and the cults of the Arch Heretic Zyrana Haarlock have joined forces to free the daemon and offer the planet as a sacrifice to their dark gods. With the support of the ork freebooters of the Red Tide, paid generously with weapons and equipment spawned in the hell forges of the vortex, the forces of ruin come to lay siege to Thrax determined to take the imperial bastion at the heart of the city and enact the ritual to free the daemon from his chains.

    However, the Emperor watches over his faithful and the urgent distress calls sent from the planet upon detection of the doom headed towards it were answered. Sitting astride one of the primary warp routes leading from the Calixis Sector to the periphery sub-sector, Thrax is a regular stop over for supply fleets and reinforcements bound for the wars taking place along the Spinward Front against the forces of Waagh! Grimtoof and the traitor armies of the Severan Dominate. The panicked astropathic signals streaming from Thrax were detected by a vast fleet passing nearby en route to the front.

    Leading their chapters and a grand battalion of the Imperium’s finest imperial guard, two Grand Masters of the Emperor’s space marines have come to Thrax in defiance of the traitorous chaos legions and their greenskin allies. Arriving scant days ahead of the chaos fleet the forces of the Imperium make haste to fortify Thrax for the siege to come.

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