Frostgrave Battle Report – Hunt The Golem Campaign

Hey everyone! Our gaming group recently had the chance to have another great day of Frostgrave gaming. We had 2 great gaming tables set up and a couple of amazing battles played out. Specifically, we played the “Hunt the Golem” mini campaign from the supplemental Frostgrave materials. We played all 3 scenarios, and in our last battle, we had a 5-way game of Frostgrave rocking out on a big 4×6 table! Spells were cast. Treasure was captured. Warbands increased their powers. And much fun was had. Check out the video battle report within as well as many pictures of the game day inside!

Game 1 – 3 player game of “Hunt the Golem”

Video battle report of the first of 3 games in the campaign here – Mission 1 of “Hunt the Golem”:

Images from game day

Here’s some images from our game day. Table set ups with some great new terrain and of course on the Frontline Gaming FAT Mats.

Game 3 – 5 player game!

Here’s some shots of the table from our wild 5-player game of Frostgrave. It was great fun. Not something you’ll want to do all the time but it was super fun to get so many players going at one time. What was super fun about this was all the “deal-making” going on during game play – “are you going to mess with me?” – in an attempt to speed up the game and do activations simultaneously. Once we found out what people’s true intentions were (all in good fun) sometimes we’d have to pause because Initiative did matter as we occasionally had teams back-stabbing each other in the event of trying to snatch treasure from each other!

Well those are the pics from the game day – hope you enjoy!

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