Frostgrave Battle Reports!

Well hello there everyone! I have even more pictures of a recent game day at Chez du Cranky, this time with some fabulous frosty Frostgrave action! We had a big gang over to my house this last weekend and got a couple of really good Frostgrave games in. I stepped out half-way through the game day to do the way more important things in life (dance recital). With all the lifey-life stuff happening on same day we did manage to get a couple of great games in. Click below to see more Frostgrave action shots and some commentary on our gaming group’s newest obsession!

We set up 2 gaming tables in the living room this (we’re not going back to the dark, cold garage! No sir!) and set them longways on a 6×4 arctic fatmat and a 4×4 cobblestone city fatmat. This gave us the ability to have 3 games running concurrently, much like our last gaming session with Frostgrave (really only needing a 3×3 table – the far table here is bisected by some ruin walls to set it apart as a separate gaming table).

The 3 separate areas of Felstad – er, I mean, gaming tables…

The ruins of Felstad await treasure-hungry adventurers…

This fantastic terrain is from Matt’s recently acquired collection of pre-painted 4Ground terrain. Super nice stuff and looks great. Affordable too.

The other side of the 2-player game board. This one has my frosty hills and some other random terrain. The arctic Fat Mat by Frontline Gaming is perfect for Frostgrave.

Bird’s eye (Crow’s eye, John?) view of the various areas of Felstad that we’ll be gaming on!

The mausoleum and the skull fort ready for adventurers to attempt to plunder their riches…

Mausoleum shot again.

First game – “The Keep” Scenario

Matt and I agreed to play “The Keep” Scenario. I’ve never played thi sone before, and it turns out its a lot of fun. I like the randomness of it. In case you ahven’t played it or heard of it, its much like a regular game of Frostgrave, but in addition, there are 4 “teleporters” around the 12″ circle of the center of the game area. When you end your move on one (on which there are treasures on them, to entice you into going on them), you randomly teleport to another teleporter. Keeps things interesting! Here we’re just getting set up.

Bird’s eye view of this area of Felstad, right over “The Keep”. Matt ingeniously set up his 4Ground ruins to make it look like a ruined Keep. Cool yah?

One of the treasures, hiding in the ruins of the Keep. Note (you can kind of see this), the light blue circular token under the treasure token. This is one of the four teleporters in this scenario. They’re on each of the four sides of the ruined Keep.

Another treasure, on the opposite side of the board from the last one.

Deploying my warband, getting ready to make a dash for that treasure!

My witch’s warband lined up to sprint for treasure.

Matt’s warband lined up, ready to plunder this sector of Felstad. Wandaga Urthgar is ready for battle!

My Templar and Thief run up to the closer teleport pad. The Thief stays put but the Templar Bampf’s to another location, going 1 slot clockwise to his original position!

The center of the board has 2 treasures next to it – and Matt laid down a Fool’s gold treasure… somewhere….

My Templar teleported to this location and grabbed a treasure!

Wandaga swoops in on his turn to try to claim the treasure.

My Thief and Treasure Hunter team up to grab another treasure.

Matt’s Apprentice and Barbarian secure the center of the board, and some treasures.

Being sneaky, hiding out in the back!

We had to wrap this game early, but a shot of final board state. Matt wins, 4 treasures to 2! Well done!

Second game – team free-for-all!

The 2nd game of the evening we decided to do a bigger game with teams – two of our higher level wizards against three of our lower level wizards. We didn’t have even numbers of players so we had to improvise but I think it turned out well. We set up a big board and had therefore 2 on one side and 3 on the other. Was starting to get later in the day and in my living room the light isn’t great. apologies for the dark pictures! It was Matt and John on one side (higher level wizards) and Craig, Ryan, and I on the other side (lower level wizards).

Center of the table from my side.

Working out the way we’re going to do the scenario. This one was a lot of fun.

My guys lined up on the right side of this end of the table.

Templar (armored warrior) and Zombie (orc? hey proxy’ing is ok) getting ready to rumble!

John and Matt taking their turn – very dangerous warbands on the move!

Marksman rolling to hit! Right through the eye-socket!

Wandaga Urthgar’s warband moving into the Mausoleum.

Moving up, getting a bead on those treasures…

Wandaga lurking behind the ruins, getting ready for a next-turn leap and slice-fest on some hapless victim of Ryan’s or my warband…

Ryan’s guys move up while my thief (goblin with net) moves up to hang out in the skull tower. There’s a treasure in there!

The middle of the board gets contested as the warbands move in to claim treasure. It got pretty messy in there!

Craig’s warband and construct move up past the abandoned tower.

Ryan’s guys move up to the center of the board, but are very cautious of Wandaga in the center, ready to pounce.

Ryan’s crossbowmen take aim…

Get that treasure!

As my warband moves to get off the board, Matt’s apprentice moves in to remove some of the competition! This apprenctice with spear makes short work of my Marksman in close combat.

And we wrapped that game after about 4 turns. Lots of fun. I managed to get 4 treasures that game, which was nice. My witch is now level 14 and has learned some new spells and increased his abilities. Everyone gained several levels that game and much fun was had by all. Looking forward to our next Frostgrave outing!

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