Game day picture – Caption Contest!

Had a great game day today with one of my regular sparring partners Marc and we had big fun with Space Wolves vs. Nurgle, 1250 points. Special rules were “no vehicles” – we agreed to try no vehicle lists. Dreadnoughts/walkers were allowed but neither of us took them. It was a great back and forth game, and Space Wolves ended up victorious. Highlights included the last turn of the game and the last Plague Marine, about to be charged by a Grey Hunter squad with a fist, did overwatch fire with his plasma gun, and died on a Gets Hot! roll. Brilliant! Other highlights include the picture below…

A squad of Nurgle-marked Raptors dropped in mid-field right beside his Lone Wolf. They were a 5-man squad with 2 meltas and a champ with a combi-melta. The placements of models was great, especially with the facial expression and head orientation of the Lone Wolf… best picture caption contest… starting… NOW!


  1. … I knew I should have gotten my flu shot!!

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