Warhammer Quest

My gaming group played several games of Warhammer Quest in 2009. A really fun game from Games Workshop, a lighter version of a fantasy role-playing game that was very much focused on tactics. To call it a role-playing game is a misnomer, it very much is a tactical game with miniatures and scenarios based in the Warhammer world. Anyways, we played many games, and I put together battle reports from our exploits in the dungeons of that world…

Game 1: “The Necromancer’s Crypt”, 9/13/2009
Game 2: “The Lair of the Beast Men”, 9/13/2009
Game 3: “Find the Orb of Chalsidar”, 9/26/2009
Game 4: “Entrap the Dread King”, 9/26/2009
Game 5: “Banish the Spirit”, 9/26/2009

Never finished the battle reports for these, but started them!

Game 6: “Retrieve the Grimoire”, 10/24/2009
Game 7: “Escape from the Depths”, 10/24/2009
Game 8: “The Final Conflict”, 10/24/2009

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