Shrine World Assault


Warhammer 40k Battle Report 1/27/2012
Battle Size: 2000 Points
Players: Space Wolves vs. Chaos Marines (Nurgle)
Mission: Pillage (Battle Missions book)

Forces breakdown:

List of forces for each player. The letters in parentheses indicate unit type for the maps below. Space Wolves are color-coded below in the maps blue, CSM: Nurgle, green.

Space Wolves:

  • (G) Rune Priest (independent, next to squad)
  • (G) 3x squad Grey Hunters in Rhinos, 1x marine with Mark of the Wulfen
  • (WG) 3x Wolf Guard in power armor, plasma pistols, power weapons
  • (WT) 1x Wolf Guard in Terminator armor, storm bolter, power fist, Cyclone missile launcher
  • (P) 1x Predator (twin linked lascannons, sponsons with lascannons)
  • (F) 1x squad Long Fangs, 4x w/ lascannons, in Razorback
  • (F) 1x squad Long Fangss, 4x w/ heavy bolters, in Rhino
  • (L) 2x squadrons of 2 Land Speeders, assault cannons and heavy bolters

Chaos Space Marines (Nurgle):

  • (P) 1x Chaos lord, power armor, combi-plasma, power weapon (embedded in Plague Marine squad)
  • (DP) 1x Daemon Prince, wings
  • (P) 2x squads of 10 Plague Marines in Rhino. 1x champion with power fist and combi-plasma. 2x plasma guns.
  • (P) 1x squad of 10 Plague Marines in Rhino. 1x champion with power fist and combi-plasma. 2x melta guns.
  • (P) 1x squad of 9 plague Marines in Rhino. 2x melta guns. (Lord to join this unit in Rhino).
  • (O) 3×2 squads Obliterators



Terrain as shown in map. Ruins were area terrain, with cover save of 4+. Fortifications gave cover save of 3+. Trees gave cover save of 4+. Trees and anything with a “base” (shown with grey outline) was difficult terrain. No dangerous terrain on the board.


We played the “Pillage” scenario in the Battle Missions book. The scenario is essentially this: the objective is to sit on as many objectives as long as you can. There are D3+2 objectives (we had 5 total). Take turns placing objectives on the table. At the end of placing objectives, roll to see who gets to pick deployment zone. Space Wolves won this die roll. The table is broken into quarters. Space Wolves could pick one quarter, and the opponent (Chaos) would then be forced to take the quarter that is kitty-corner to that one. Chaos gets first turn unless they roll a 1. They succeed, and so get the first turn. Remember – its not the number of objectives you’re sitting on at the end of the game – it’s how many objectives you sat on (cumulatively) over the course of the game – this will turn out to be very important.


Objectives placed as shown. Space wolf player choses upper left quadrant to deploy.


Chaos space marines have first deploy. Deploy center of table next to shrine fortress.

Turn 1:

Top: Chaos rhinos move up and left to engage Rhino. First rhino has the chaos space marine lord, one behind it has 10 plague marines with plasma, one to right has 10 plague marines with melta. Rhino is exploded with melta gun shots from lord’s personal guard. Turns out the space wolf rhino did not have any marines in it – it was a decoy! The Space Wolves were safely back in their deployment zone, in front of the ruin.

Bottom: Space Wolves did not move. Rune priest in the Space Wolf squad closest to the Shrine fortification (center) tried Jaws of the Wolf World on the Rhino in front, but was out of range.

The score is now 0-0, as the Space Wolves did not hold their first objective by the end of the Chaos player’s turn.

Turn 2:

Top: On turn 2, 2x squads of obliterators showed up from reserves via deep strike. The first one showed up in the south east, and did not scatter. It was in prime position to lay down heavy weapons fire on the Grey Hunters seeking refuge in the ruins. The second unit of obliterators come in from deep strike, but roll scatter. They intended to hit the shrine platform right next to the objective marker, but unfortunately the coordinates got a little scrambled and they landed in difficult terrain next to it. This means a dangerous terrain test – and they take one wound on the squad due to some bad dice rolling. Then movement – the Chaos Lord’s Plague marine squad, now on foot, move towards the shrine. They are now in difficult terrain and so are slowed. Only move 2″, so didn’t get very far. They ended up running towards the shrine in this turn to get to the base of the structure. The two trailing rhinos moved up through the difficult terrain surrounding the northern (center) ruin, and passed all dangerous terrain tests (so didn’t get immobilized).

Obliterators then open fire on the Grey Hunters in the ruins. There are some on both levels, so the top level was targeted where there were more clustered together. The obliterators fire plasma cannons. The first salvo between the two units of obliterators kill a total of 3 Grey Hunters. The Rhinos fire their twin linked bolters but are out of range.

Bottom: The Space Wolves commander gets two land speeders this turn come in from reserve, along with 1 rhino carrying Grey Hunters in the northern section of his deployment zone, and a rhino carrying a Long Fangs (heavy weapons) squad in the west of his deployment zone. They all move – the Rhino in the west deploys their heavy bolter squad, and they run; Rhino in the north deploys their Grey Hunters, who fire at the Chaos Rhinos to no effect. The Rune Priest again tries his Jaws of the Wolf World but fails. The Grey Hunters camping out in the front of the ruin unleash a withering hail of bolter rounds and a melta gun (from the first floor) against the obliterators to the north. Some bad armor saves later, these two obliterators are taken off the table as casualties.

Chaos team is not currently on any objectives, and so gains no scenario points. Space Wolves held one at the end of the Chaos player’s turn. So the score now is 1-0.

Turn 3:

Top: On turn 3, the Daemon Prince and the remaining Rhino carrying the last melta gun squad come in from reserve. Since the Daemon Prince has wings, he flies in through deep strike near the forest in right-center of the table containing the objective. He scatters, but not very far. The Rhino comes in off the table edge and makes a straight line move towards the objective in the south west, near the ruin. The Plague Marines pile out with their 2″ movement and are very closet to the objective. The obliterator unit in the south east moves up 4″ (slow and purposeful roll) to continue applying pressure to the Grey Hunters in the ruin. The Plague Marine unit with the Chaos Lord next to the Shrine is still in difficult terrain and rolls miserably (2″), and so moves just far enough to get everyone in base to base contact with the Shrine. Next turn they will climb the wall and be on smooth surface of the parapet. The Rhinos in the north continue their arc around the disable Space Wolf Rhino, the lead Rhino (the one that the lord was in, now empty, marked with the white box), and is now sitting right on top of the unclaimed objective between the ruin and the shrine fortress.

The Chaos firefight between the obliterators and the Grey Hunters in the ruin continues, this time killing 2 more Space Wolves. They are now down to 5 marines, and forces a morale test. They pass. The Rhinos in the north again fire, this time at the Grey Hunters on foot nearby, but fail to wound.

Bottom: For the Space Wolves, the remaining two Land Speeders come out of reserve, as well as the 3 Wolf Guard in power armor. The land speeders that were already on the table make a fast move over to the east side of the battle, and hunker down behind a forest (they had moved too fast to fire any weapons this turn). The Grey Hunters that were hiding in the ruins are now feeling the pressure, and start to make the move towards the open-air objective. The Rune Priest on the top level starts moving in that direction as well. Due to difficult terrain, their movement is slowed significantly. The Rhino that dropped off it’s passengers in the last turn makes a surprise move and moves in front of the Chaos Lord’s Rhino, contesting the open-air objective. The Grey Hunters in the north move towards the east. They fire on the Rhinos, but fail to do any damage. The Grey Hunters in the west who are still moving their way through the ruins don’t have any significatnt targets and thus don’t fire. The Long Fangs in the west (heavy bolter squad) continue to run towards the battle. The Space Wolf Rhino in the south west, next to the ruin, bolts forward to try to get in between the Obliterators and the Grey Hunters in the ruins.

There was no significant firing or damage from the Space Wolves this turn.

The Space Wolves are still sitting on 1 objective (uncontested) at the end of the Chaos player’s turn, and so gain 1 more point. Chaos held none (still) at the end of their turn. The score is now 2-0.

Turn 4:

Top: The final unit for the Chaos team comes in from reserve – the last of the obliterators. Since the Chaos Lord’s unit is so close to the fortress Shrine, the obliterators use his personal icon as a locator and deep strike without scattering mere inches away from the objective next to the Imperial Acquila in the Shrine. This will prove to be decisive. The obliterators in the south move slow and purposefully towards the Fortress Shrine, getting into base to base contact with the shrine itself. The Plague Marines lead by the Chaos Lord climbed the parapet and now were on the Shrine’s landing, right behind the obliterators that had just arrived by Deep Strike. The Chaos Rhino in the south east moved north to form a barrier to the Land Speeders. who might try for the south east objective. The 2nd Chaos Rhino in the convoy tries to move down into the fortress Shrine to unload it’s cargo of Plague Marines right next to the objective, but gets immoblized due to dangerous terrain test! The Plague Marines disembark from both northern Rhinos to face off with the 3 Wolf Guard in power armor.

The obliterators in the south again opened fire with Plasma cannons on the Grey Hunters, only killing two this time. They were down to 3 men at this point, and passed their leadership roll again. The obliterators that had just arrived this turn on the parapet opened fire on the Rhino right in front of them (the only target they had line of sight to), and disabled it (this was the Rhino that had brought in the the Grey Hunters in the north). One Plague Marine squad shoots at the Wolf Guard in the north and kill one of them. The other freshly disembarked Plague Marine Squad fires at the Grey Hunter squad as well and kills one.


Bottom: The remainder of the Space Wolf forces arrive on the scene, including a Wolf Guard in Terminator armor, a Razorback containing 5 Long fangs with lascannons, and a Predator. The Razorback moves up and troops disembark around the small tank. The Land Speeders in the east opened up on the Daemon Prince with both assault cannons and heavy bolters. He was hunkered down in the forest, but to no avail. Some good Space Wolf rolls and some bad Chaos rolls cause the Daemon Prince to get 3 wounds stripped off him, leaving him with 1 wound. In the middle/left of the board, it starts getting messy. The 3 Wolf Guard charge the Plague Marines to the south of them. In the bloody melee, 2 Plague Marines re killed, and the remaining Plague Marines, including a champion with a Power Fist, make short work of the Wolf Guard. The Grey Hunters in the north open fire on the Plague Marines to the east of them, killing 2 Plague Marines. The Land Speeders in the west open fire on the Chaos Lord’s group of Plague Marines with Heavy Bolters and Assault cannons, killing 1 Plague Marine. The Razorback fires but fails to wound any obliterators. The Predator fires but fails to hit.

The Space Wolves still held the one objective on the Chaos turn’s end, so they gained 1 point at the end of their turn. At the end of the Space Wolve’s turn, Chaos held 3 uncontested objectives. The score is now 3 to 3.

Turn 5:

Top: The obliterators in the south move up the parapet and are now on top of the objective along with their brethern obliterator squad just to the east of them. The Chaos Lord’s Plague Marine squad stays put. The Daemon Prince, now heavily wounded, decides to charge forward in a fit of rage to kill the land speeders. The Rhino that dropped off the Plague Marines in the south east moves to the west to cover the objective that the Daemon Prince just left. The two squads of disembarked Plague Marines in the north move slightly to get good lines of fire on the Grey Hunters in the north. The remaining mobile Rhino in the north sees an opportunity to run down its enemies and does so! The Rhino tank shocks two squads of Grey Hunters, first the one in the north, then the one that had been hiding in the ruins. In the process, both targets of the tank shock fail to hit as the Rhino passes by, and thus are killed under the Rhino’s treads! (Best moment in the game).

The Obliterators open fire on the lascannon-toting Long Fangs and the Land speeders in the north, wiping each of those units out to a man (Plasma cannons on Long Fangs, lascannons on the land speeders). The Chaos Lord’s Plague Marines, having not moved, can fire 24″ towards the Land Speeders in the east, and through a lot of lucky dice rolls, manage to down both land speeders with bolter fire! The Daemon Prince, while in position to charge and destroy the Land Speeders, looks like he won’t have to.

At this point, with all Chaos firing completed at top of turn 5, the Space Wolf player concedes. Having little credible threat to move the obliterators, Plague Marines off the objectives, and with points adding up fast for the Chaos player by holding now 4 objectives uncontested, the game is over.

Victory for Chaos!


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