Battle for Gamma Station


Warhammer 40k Battle Report 3/16/2012

Battle Size: 2000 Points
Players: Space Wolves vs. Nurgle Chaos Marines
Mission: Seize Ground (standard scenario out of Warhammer 40k rule book)


Forces breakdown:

List of forces for each player. Unit type and color represent unit and side. Description of unit to the right of unit icon.

Force 1: Space Wolves

R Rhino w/ dozer blade (3) – Dedicated transport for Grey Hunters
G 2x squads Grey Hunters (10), 1x Sargeant w/ Powerfist, 1x Melta gun, 1x Mark of Wolfen
Z Razorback (2) – lascannon & twin-linked plasma gun turret
F Long Fangs (5), 4x Missile Launcher
LR Land Raider (1) – Twin-linked assault cannons, hurricane bolters
T Wolf Guard Terminator (6), 1x Wolf Lord w/ wolf claws & necklace, 3x w/2x wolf claws, 2x w/ Thunder Hammer & Storm Shield
S Squadron Land Speeders (2×2), multi-meltas

Force 2: Nurgle Chaos Marines

D Daemon Prince w/ Wings (1)
R Rhino w/ Havoc Launcher (6) – Dedicated transport for Plague Marine squads
P Plague Marine Squad (6) – 7x marines; 2 squads w/ 2x Melta, 4 squads w/ 2x plasma
O Obliterator Cult (3) – 2x Obliterators each



Terrain as shown in map. Hills are indicated by lighter shade of tans with slopes around them. Buildings are shown as dark grey objects.

Ruins were area terrain, with cover save of 4+. All other buildings on the map were not area terrain, but gave cover saves per line of sight rules.


Scenario was the “Seize Ground” mission in the 5th edition rule book. A total of 3 objectives were rolled, marked on the battle map above with red dots, and with specific images below for each objective.


Objectives placed as shown, from left to right on the table. The wrecked Rhino in the far right objective was a particularly nice touch for the battle.



Space Wolves had first deployment. Space Wolves deployed, then Chaos. No units left in reserve for either side. Space Wolves would normally have first turn but Chaos attempted to steal the iniative and rolled a 6, Chaos player goes top of turn 1.

Forces deployed as per following:

Full table picture of Space Wolf player deploying forces.

Battle Map Legend:

  • Black Arrows: Movement
  • Red Arrows: Ranged weapons fire
  • Green Arrows: Assault
  • Red Cross: Destroyed unit or vehicle (units removed from map on next turn, vehicle markers left to indicate crater or wreck)

Turn 1:

Top of 1 – (Nurgle Chaos Marines):
Nurgle forces move up. The Rhino on the left fires it’s havoc launcher, wrecks 1 speeder. Rhinos on the right move up, and fire on speeders on the right, 1 speeder gets shaken. Obliterators in back fire on right most Space Wolves Rhino, wrecks it. Rhinos in the middle of the board fire on the Grey Hunters that just piled out of the wrecked Rhino, killing 2. Daemon Prince runs up behind the Rhino objective. The Obliterators on the left roll poorly on their “slow and purposeful” roll, only move 1 inch. The obliterators on the right moves up 6″, just to the base of the ruin. Next turn they’ll scale the wall and be in firing position.

Summary: Space Wolves lose 2x land speeders, a Rhino, and 2x Grey Hunters.

Bottom of 1 – (Space Wolves):

Space Wolves move up. Right flank speeders zoom up into cover and they can’t fire weapons. Land Raider moves up, assault cannon wrecks middle Chaos Rhino. Plague Marines pile out. Land Raider fires lascannons at other Chaos Rhino to it’s left. Chaos Rhino explodes, Plague Marines pile out. 2 Plague Marines are killed in the explosion. Razorbacks move up, fire on Rhino, explodes. Plague Marines pile out. No casualties. Rhinos on left flank move up at flank speed, no firing or disembarking. Speeder on left zooms forward at flank speed, does not fire.

Summary: Chaos loses 3 Rhinos, 2 Plague Marines. Note – for each player, always remember to fire plasma gunners from top hatch! We forgot to do this almost the entire battle.

Turn 2:

Top of 2 – (Nurgle Chaos Marines):

Nurgle forces move up. Farthest back obliterator squad fire lascannons at the Land Raider. Pretty poor shooting, but manage to immobilize it and shake it (can’t move again and can’t fire weapons this turn). Obliterators in the middle and farthest to the right scale the wall of the ruin and take position on the 2nd level. They fire their multimeltas at the right flank land speeders and miss with both shots. GAH! Obliterators in the middle move up but are behind too much terrain. Daemon Prince to have any effective shooting. Daemon Prince boldly charges forward and is out in the open, good thing the Land Raider is shaken. The 2 Rhinos on the right flank move up and fire havocs at the Grey Hunters in the back center, kill 3. Forces a morale check – which they fail! They are so close to the table edge that they flee off the board.

Center Plague Marine squads (melta) move up. One on left is in range with melta on Land Raider. Misses. This will seal this squad’s fate and more due to lack of damage. Rhino of left fires at Land Speeder, misses.

Summary: Immobilized Land Raider, 1 Grey Hunter squad retreats and removed from battle.


Bottom of 2 – (Space Wolves):

Space Wolves move up. Speeder on left flank fires at Rhino (multi-melta), misses. Grey Hunters in 2x left flank Rhinos disembark and move towards left most objective. Grey Hunter squad on the left fire melta at Chaos Rhino, misses. Squad on right fires at Plague Marine squad, no damage. 2x Rhinos on the left move up after troops disembark, one to block objective and other moving towards middle objective. 2x Razorbacks move up. Terminator squad in Land Raider disembarks and assaults central Plague Marine unit. Kills 3 Plague Marines in the assault. Speeders on the right flank fire at obliterators with multi-meltas, cause 1 wound but Obliterators make their cover save (4+).

Summary: Terminators start progression of slaughter this turn. They will be extremely decisive in mid-field moving forward. Grey Hunters show up in force on left flank to close in on left objective.


Turn 3:

Top of 3 – (Nurgle Chaos Marines):

Daemon Prince moves up into assault range of the Land Raider. Oblits in the middle (on ground) move up. They fire at the Land Raider w/ lascannons, fail to damage other than another shaken result. Rear obliterators fire multi-meltas at the right flank Land Speeders, wreck one and destroy the other’s multi-melta, essentially taking away all of its combat effectiveness. Center oblits, now on top of the ruin, fire on Land Raider, no damage. Center Rhino on right dumps Plague Marines out and moves forward. Those Plague Marines move towards the Rhino objective. Center Rhino on left moves left up the hill to start putting pressure on middle objective, behind the two wrecked/destroyed Rhinos. These two fright flank Rhinos fire at Razorbacks, no damage. Rhino on left flank moves left and Plague Marines disembark. They both (Rhino and Plage Marine squad) fire on the remaining left flank Land Speeder, wrecking it. Plague Marine squad on foot in center of table fires at Grey Hunter squad, killing 2. Terminators in assault in the center of the table mop up the last few Plague Marines and consolidate towards the Rhino objective. Daemon Prince assaults the Land Raider, taking it out of the game once and for all (wrecking it). No consolidation move due to assaulting a vehicle.


All speeders are now effectively out of the game. Land Raider is wrecked. Terminators kill remnants of 1 Plague Marine squad and begin marching towards their next.

Bottom of 3 – (Space Wolves):

Grey Hunters on the left flank move up behind advancing Rhinos, taking advantage of cover. They fire at Plague Marine squad, doing no damage. Grey Hunters on far left fire melta gun at left Rhino and wreck it. Center Space Wolves Rhino (empty) moves up and to the center. Razorbacks move up, with the one on the right deploying Long Fang missile squad under cover of center building. Terminators advance and assault a 2nd unit of Plague Marines, kills 2 of 6 Plague Marines. No additional wounds due to losing combat. Last Land Speeder moves forward, but has no guns left. Razorbacks fire on Rhino, missing and doing no damage.


Chaos Rhino on left is destroyed. Terminators continue advance and slaughter of Plague Marines.


Turn 4:

Top of 4 – (Nurgle Chaos Marines):

Plague Marines on left flank begin to move right to get clear lines of fire and conslidate toward center objective. They fire on a Grey Hunter squad, killing 3. Other squad is out of range. Daemon Prince continues it’s rampage across mid field and moves into assault range of the freshly disembarked Long Fang squad. Daemon Prince assaults Long Fangs and kills 4. Remaining Long Fang does 1 wound to the Daemon Prince. The Long Fangs pass their morale check. Terminators kill remaining 4 Plague Marines and consolidate towards Rhino objective again. They will be in assault range of the Plague Marines on the Rhino objective next turn. Obliterators fire at Razorbacks and Rhinos. Miss the first Rhino. Destroy the plasma guns on the Razorback’s turret. They also destroy the empty mid-field Rhino.


Plague Marines start shifting right to consolidate on objectives on right side of table. Several Grey Hunters are killed this turn. Daemon Prince kills majority of a Long Fang squad. Terminators continue to kill Plague Marine squads uncontested.

Bottom of 4 – (Space Wolves):

Grey Hunters on the left flank press the advance towards the objective. Far left squad cover the objective, remnants of 2nd squad move up on the Plague Marine squad to the left. First Grey Hunter squad fires at the Plague Marine squad to the left, no damage. The 2nd squad eventually assaults the Plague Marine squad. After combat is over we’re left with 3 Plague Marines and a single Grey Hunter sarge. He passes morale test. Rhino moves up slightly. Razorback moves away from Daemon Prince. Other Razorback moves up, fires at Chaos Rhino and wrecks it. Plague Marines pile out. Daemon Prince finishes off last Long Fang and consolidates towards the Grey Hunter squad to the left. Terminators wipe out Plague Marine squad they just charged on the Rhino objective in 1 turn. Wolf Lord did the most damage killing 4 himself. Terminators consolidate to the left.


Terminators kill 3rd squad of 7 Plague Marines in this turn. It will be their last. Daemon Prince kills off Long Fang squad and continues his mid-field rampage heading left. Fire fight and Rhino positioning on the left flank gets more and more interesting.


Turn 5:

Top of 5 – (Nurgle Chaos Marines):

Daemon Prince charges the northwest squad of Grey Hunters. He kills 3 in the assault. Daemon Prince takes 2 wounds from the return assault, and so now is down to 1 wound. Space Wolves pass their leadership test. Plague Marines in the south and to the left kill the Space Wolf sargeant in assault, consolidate towards the left-most objective. Plague Marines in the center fire at rear of Razorback, and stun it (can’t fire weapons next turn). Rhino moved down to blcok the path of the Terminators towards the central Plague Marine unit. This will end up be unnecessary due to Obliterator fire. The Rhino and the Plague Marines on right fire at the Terminators, no wounds. All 3 Obliterator squads have decided they’ve had enough of those terminators, and open up with salvos of Plasma Cannons and lascannons. Their withering fire kill 4 of the durable Terminators; now there are only 2 left.


Terminators, now with the string of targets exhausted and well within range of Obliterators, get decimated this turn. Fight for the left most objective is getting dicey. Lots of vehicle carnage on the board at this point. Left most objective is contested, others at this point are still open.

Bottom of 5 – (Space Wolves):

Long Fangs disembark from their Razorback in the northwest quadrant of the map. This Razorback moves towards the center after troops disembark. Daemon Prince kills 3 more Grey Hunters in the continuning assault. Alas, the remaining Grey Hunters dog-pile the Daemon Prince and bring him low. After killing him, the Grey Hunters consolidate towards the left-most objective. Razorback fires lascannon, kills 1 Plague Marine. Terminators move up the hill towards the Plague Marines.


The Daemon Prince is finally killed off, only after taking a heavy toll on the Space Wolves (A Land Raider, 5 Long Fangs, 6 Grey Hunters). As this is the bottom of turn 5, we need to roll to see if the game continues… it does! On to turn 6.


Turn 6:

Top of 6 – (Nurgle Chaos Marines):

Obliterators fire at Terminators (lascannons) and find their mark. The Terminator squad is finally killed off. Plague Marines on the far left flank move to the right, get firing position. Fire at Grey Hunter squad, killing 1. Plague Marines on center left move right (running) towards the center objective. Plague Marines in center move north towards center objective (running as well).


The game is now no-holds barred get on an objective! Plague Marines make double-time trying to get on an objective to at least make it a draw, hopefully a win now that the Rhino objective has no enemy troops anywhere near it.

Bottom of 6 – (Space Wolves):

Long Fangs fire 4 krak missiles at the Plague Marines on left flank, killing them all. Rhino (empty) moves up. North Razorback moves up, no longer shaken, and fires at the closest Plague Marine squad, killing 1. Razorback in south is stunned, does not fire.


Not a lot of localized firepower left for the Space Wolves. They begin to focus on killing as many Plague Marines as possible so that they cannot contest objectives, particularly the center one. Need to roll for game to continue – and it does!


Turn 7:

Top of 7- (Nurgle Chaos Marines):

North obliterators fire on damaged land speeder with multi-meltas, and it explodes (a broke land speeder can still contest an objective at the end of the game!). Center obliterators fire lascannons at the northern Razorback, and wreck it. Southern obliterators fire lascannons at the southern Razorback, out of range. Plague Marines on the left run to and capture middle objective.

Plague Marines on right flank consider hopping in the close-by Rhino to hitch a ride to the Rhino objective, but not all the Plague Marines are within 2″ of an entry point.

So they run to the Rhino objective, but are not within 3″ of it.


Plague Marines now hold center objective, Space Wolves hold the left objective.

Bottom of 7 – (Space Wolves):

The only thing left for the Space Wolves to do at this point is to fire a Razorback lascannon at the Plague Marines on the center objective. They do so, killing 1 Plague Marine, leaving that squad at 3 members strong from a 7 man squad.


This is the final turn – and the game ends in a draw. During the game we were under the assumption that if the squad was less than half strength, it could not legally hold an objective. After consulting the rules, no such rule exists, and so however the game is still a draw as the center and the left objective were held by Chaos and the Space Wolves, respectively. The Plague Marine squad was likely more than 3″ away from the Rhino objective (after re-reading the rules, a troops unit needs to be within 3″ of the objective to hold it.



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