Getting my DzC on – painting up my Shaltari

I’m so pumped up about finally getting some other projects wrapped and really focusing on my Shaltari for Dropzone Commander. I’ve been focused on Warmachine for a while and since I’m in a pretty good spot with that, it’s finally time to redirect some of my hobby hours to getting my DzC stuff rolling. In all honesty, life has been super-busy of late and my hobby time is very precious, and I have to make every hour count. Luckily, Hawk Wargames has made some super incredible models and they paint up quite easily and look stunning with minimal effort. I’ve only spent a few sessions getting these guys painted up and already I’m very happy with the results. Check out some progress pics below to see where I’m at.

So far I’ve only painted 1 heavy dropship (the Gaia heavy dropship) and 4 smaller warstriders (the Tarantulas – which can scale walls of buildings – how cool is that?!?!?). My recipe is pretty simple:

1. Spray with Tamiya Bright Yellow spray.
2. Wash with a 1:1 mix of GW Druchii Violet and Bloodletter Red.
3. Wash with a 3:1 mix of GW Bloodletter Red and Druchii Violet.
4. Paint details

I use black on the canopies and a metalic green shimmery insect looking color (actually Dazzling Metallics brand Crystal Green color) for the panels.

The Tarantula light warstriders!

The metal areas are painted black, then the whole model sealed. Then I go back and paint the metal areas with Chainmail, wash with Nuln Oil, then drybrush / highlight with Mithril Silver.

Back of the Tarantula Warstrider.

The little green dots are a bright green shade from GW (I don’t recall – I’d have to go look).

The Warstriders lined up, ready for battle!

The Gaia heavy gate has been half-done for a while but I finally got him done. You can see here how I’ve done half of the arrays with the metalic green. I found out by looking in the book that my color scheme choice actually makes my guys the “Commanche” tribe of Shaltari. I’ll take it!

Close up of the details on the arrays. Not even sure if that’s what you call them!

The finished Gaia gate.

Well that’s what I’ve got so far. Check this space for more updates – I’m definitely going to get a move on for painting my Shaltari. Our next hobby day I’m going to do my first battle of DzC with my buddy John’s PHR. Can’t wait go get that game going and do my first real independent battle in this game system.

I also need to figure out what list I’m going to focus on painting. Right now I’m not sure enough about game mechanics but if you have any thoughts on a good starter Shaltari list I could field, I’m all ears. I’m open to getting new stuff, but would like to use the stuff I have first if possible. Here’s the stuff I have either assembled or painted:

1 Coyote Warstrider
1 Gaia Heavy Gate
6 Eden Medium Gates
4 Haven Gates
2 Spirit Gates
2 Jaguar Warstriders
1 Ocelot Warstrider
1 Dreamsnare Warstrider
4 Tarantula Warstriders
6 Tomahawks heavy tanks
6 Kukri AA Tanks
4 Yari light Grav Tanks
2 Caiman Heavy Grav Tanks
1 Warspire
4 Thunderbird Gunships
1 Firedrake
1 Warspear Heavy Fighter
8 Stands Braves Infantry
4 Stands Firstborn Infantry

Thanks for checking this out – more to come!

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