Horus Heresy Tournament at MOB Games

The Northwest 30k community hosted a 30k tournament on December 10th, 2016, in Lake Stevens, WA, and much fun was had by all! What a great tournament and loads of fun with great opponents and beautiful armies.

We made the trip up to MOB Games in Lake Stevens, WA for the event. Many folks were getting armies painted up for the event right up to the 10th, and it was very inspiring to see so many great armies there, as well as new members to the 30k community – we hope to see you again in an event soon!

Check out some pictures of the event below, and I for one am looking forward to our next event!

The tournament was organized in the fall via the Northwest 30k page on Facebook. You can check out future events from that page.

Each team played 2 games. Teams were between 2 and 4 people each, and each team had to field 6000 points total across all members of the team. I was on a team of 3 for the Loyalists. I brought 3000 points of Mechanicum (loyalist), and my teammates Charles and Paul brought 1500 points of loyalist Thousand Sons and Imperial Fists, respectively.

There were 23 players making up 10 teams in all (for a whopping 60,000 points of Horus Heresy goodness in one location – wow!).

Here’s some pictures I took of the event in progress. Enjoy and Happy Holidays to you and yours!

Gotta comment on this last image – this was 3 Feel No Pain rolls for my Thallax for 3 unsaved wounds from a group of Word Bearers tactical squads fighting them in the ruins in close combat – what a roll!

That’s it folks! See you next time!

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