Lock & Load 2015 Preparations


I originally was going to skip Lock & Load this year as I figured I’d be too busy and traveling for work, but I decided with my buddy John at the last minute to go!  I busted out my Khador stuff and started painting a few odds and ends, just to have more stuff painted and ready to go for the event.  I’ve posted some pictures below to show my progress over the last few weeks in preparation for the event, check it out!


Here’s some pics of my painting progress over the last few weeks to get ready for Lock & Load 2015!  I had the Juggernaut already painted, but didn’t have the metals done.  I completed pButcher, pEiyriss, 3 WinterguardRocketeers (not shown) and eSorscha, for the event.  My list that I’ll primarily be playing in the Iron Arena will be an eSorscha list with Full WGDS and Rifle Corps (not fully painted) and Beast-09, Great Bears, Sylyss (not fully painted), Outriders, Gorman and Eiyriss.  Should be fun!  I will post pics of the festivities.


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