Lock & Load 2015 Recap

So I wasnt’ going to go to Lock & Load this year after LVO because I was thinking I was going to be doing a bunch of work travel, but it turns out I wasn’t traveling that weekend. My buddy John texted me and we got to thinking that LnL was possible this year, and about 3 weeks before the event I signed up. I was only able to go 1 day (Friday – I took the day off to go) due to other commitments for that weekend, but I went all-in on Friday and had a blast. Check out the pics inside – mostly some Iron Arena battle report pictures of several games played!

Truth be told, I was worried all the way up the day before going to LnL as I was just getting over a pretty bad cold. At this point, I was feeling much better, but not 100%. But, I was feeling good enough to go and not contagious at that point, so I figured let’s go do this thing!

John and I planned on meeting at Bellevue Meyedenbauer Convention Center right at 9am on Friday. I got there with a few minutes to spare and got in line to register. Met John at the registration line and we got signed in. We walked around for a bit as the Iron Arena (the reason we were there) wasn’t open till 10am, and we didn’t want to wait in line to get product (the line was huge, and they dismissed the whole line right before 10am, so anyone who WAS in line at ridicilous-0-thirty that morning completely lost their place in line!). So we just hung out and in no time the Iron Arena area was opened.

Waiting in line for registration. Talked to a few cool guys about new releases and excitement over Victor, eZerk, and grumbled about Swans.

After registration had to go see (what appeared to be a new-ish statue) of a Khador Man-o-War!

And of course had to get my picture with it…

While waiting for Iron Arena convention room to open, we walked around the Master’s tournament room and saw this awesome scenario table.

Very cool details!

Iron Arena Games

Game 1 – 50 points eSorscha vs. Ashlynn

So we finally get into the Iron Arena room and start setting up for our 1st game – a 50 point game of Khador (me) vs. Mercs (John). Turns out we both have Gorman. Shocking!

Set up for our 1st game! My list is: eSorscha, Sylyss, Beast-09, Outriders, Rifle Corps, Gorman, pEiyrss, Great Bears, Winter Guard with 2 Rockets and Officer/Standard UA, Kovnik Joe, and Widow Makers.

The warriors of the Motherland, lined up and ready to do battle!

Mercs lined up for battle. I’m probably going to get some details wrong, but here goes: Ashlynn, Gallant, Vanguard, Mule, Sylyss, Hammer Dwarves, Gun Mages, Harlan, Cylena and Nyss Hunters, Gorman. I hate gun mages.

The battle ensues! The Rifle Corps put out an area effect of shots and the hammer dwarves charge up! The shooting from the jacks kill 3 of 4 Widowmakers!

Top of turn 2, Ashlynn is wide open with a charge lane from the Bears with Boundless Charge on them. He has Admonition on her, but we play it out to see what happens after Great Bears charge. They kill her, but then we go back an play it as if she Admonitioned away. Turns out in the 2nd version the Great Bears wreck the Gallant.

Beast tries to charge the gun mages but is a bit short! Only kill Harlan dead, dead, dead.

On the other flank, the Winterguard are advancing slowly, and are now in range of sprays with Desperate Pace from Sorscha2!

Poor Beast didnt’ get a chance to thresher these gun mages; they live another day!

The Winterguard do a mix of sprays and Combined Ranged attacks on the open Ashlynn…

And with some lucky die rolls are able to bring her down. A great hard won game and victory for Khador.

Product Room and New Releases

After we finished our 50 point game and reported results, we went to the store to pick up some stuff. We probably should have waited as we waited about 1 1/2 hours in line to get our stuff! But it was all good – I got eZerkova, Reckoning, and Forces of Distinction. I contemplated getting the Legion 10 year anniversary box but opted not to.

After the store we went to the hobby / painting / display room to see the new releases! Cool stuff for Circle…

New battle engine beast thingy for Skorne? A Hydra I think? And of course eXerxes…

More cool stuff…

Close up of eXerxes

New Cryx Battle Engine caster

Grolar! It’s real!

Another shot of Grolar and eZerk. Plastic IFP for the win.

Looks like a new plastic Kodiak kit. Looks sharp!

Epic Zerkova, looking, well, Epic…

Another shot of the lovely Occult lady…


Game 2 – 15 points

After getting our loot and grabbed some lunch, we went down to the Iron Arena and played another game. This time a quick 15 point game (we should have done 25 but the TO’s allowed it). I picked pButcher for this game. My list was: pButcher, Juggernaut, War Dog, pEyriss, Great Bears, and Widowmakers. John is playing Ashlynn again with Sylyss, Aiyanna and Holt, Rocinade, Gun Mages, and some mage character I can’t remember!

The Khador battle force, assembled for battle!

John setting up his force during deployment.

Game 2 gets rolling – Mercs go first and start marching up the field…

Gun mages get into position along with the rest of the Mercs. They shoot at the warjack and the Great Bears but do not a whole lot of damage. Great Bears are ready for action next turn…

Great Bears charge Rocinade!

Juggernaut charges Ashlynn. She Admonition’s away. Jugger spends this turn pasting Gun mages. In the next turn the Jugger, pButcher and Great Bears end up ganging up on her and taking her down. Victory for the forces of Khador!

Game 3 – 25 point game on big scenario table!

For our last game of the day, we chose to do a 25 point battle on one of the nice scenario tables to get more Iron Arena points. We play on the junkyward table in the main Iron Arena hall.

This game I go back to eScorscha (now my 2nd game with her). Force includes: eSorscha, War Dog, Beast-09, Winterguard with Officer, Standard, Joe, Great Bears, and Widowmakers. John’s force is Ashlynn, Gun Mages, Rocinade, Alexia1 (whom I now learn to hate), and hammer dwarves. The game is on a big table with a junkyard pile right in the middle, which ends up really being a hot bed for jamming infantry!

Khador deployed and taking first turn. John’s deploying his Mercs.

The forces of Khador, ready to battle, and hopefully find some useful stuff in that scrap heap!

Khador moves up! I’m setting up the Great Bears to be the alpha strike and hopefully do a hammer blow to his leading forces.

So the Great Bears get up there, but they find themselves quickly surrounded by Alexia’s Risen! They are totally jammed up and eventually, 1 by 1, fall to the horde of zombies…

The Winterguard are all jammed up and end up slogging through the zombies, and slowly start losing the war of attrition and not making any headway.

The Khadoran forces, bogged down by zombies!

Funny story. So eSorscha has re-rolls on Combined Ranged attacks for Winterguard. So I am trying to clear a charge lane for Beast. I have 1 risen in the way. I shoot with a CRA with some WG, and I need 4 to hit. I roll a 3. No worries – with Elite Cadre on Sorscha, I get to re-roll CRA’s! I’ve got this. I re-roll. Snakes. Yeah…

The game is dragging on and we just want to be done – it’s like 6:30pm and we’ve been there since before 9am. We set it up so the warcasters charge each other. After a few turns of back and forth and not hurting each other, Ashlynn hits Sorscha and does some serious damage, but she’s still up. Ashlynn then shoots her hand cannon into Sorscha, killing her!! Victory for Mercenaries!

So we call it a day at that point. I wish I could have gone Saturday and Sunday but it was not meant to be. Got some really good games in and picked up some epic loot (literally – eZerk!). Really glad I changed my mind last minute and went. Love Warmachine and had a really fun time at the event. Definitely going again next year.

I seriously cannot wait to get my hands on a Victor collosal for Khador. Privateer Press, let’s get that released already! I’ve been assembling and painting some Khador like mad since LnL. Can’t wait to get some more games in.

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