Necromunda Genestealer Cult Hybrids – WIP

Hey everybody! Long time since last post – been super busy with lots of new projects and talking with our local gaming group about Necromunda lately. Definitely some nostalgia going on as we wrapped up our last 40k campaign. I really loved Necromunda back in the day and had loads of fun with it. In our recent game day we had some players do a round of Necromunda, and I felt I wanted to get in on the fun too and so kitbashed some Necromunda gangers for the fun of it. I always wanted to do a Genestealer cult and so I tried out my hand on some custom Genestealer cultists as conversions for my gang.

So last time me and my gaming buddies played Necromunda was some time ago – 17 years ago to be exact! Lots of good times playing back then before I got out of hobby gaming for a while. Now that I’m back and have been enjoying a fair bit of 40k and other games we started talking around a game of Eldritch Horror a few months ago about how much fun we had playing Necromunda and Mordheim. Well one thing led to another and we started talking about maybe getting back into it. We started pulling out the old rule books and looking at pictures and got inspired – so I set out a few months ago getting bits to do a gang that I always wanted to do – either in 40k or in Necromunda – a Genestealer cult.

I poured over the internet to find bits and pictures of conversions that I really liked to get inspired for some serious conversions. I stumbled upon several and finally settled on an approach using various manufacturers and lines, as described below.

Here’s some pictures of my finished conversions – maybe some day soon we’ll get a Necromunda gaming session going. For now they’re on the painting bench waiting their turn for the brush. Check em out, comments and critique welcomed!

Here’s my gang all-together (class picture!) with the exception of the Magus – see below. Heavily converted from several sources.

Their backs to us!

The Magus! I went a little crazy on this conversion. I had a lot of fun with him. He’s essentially bits from multiple kits: Head is a Maxmini bare head with the back of his head from a Genestealer. I greenstuffed the join between the human and Genestealer head – I wanted the head to be bulbous. The torso is from a genestealer (current generation). There’s some extra armor plates on the shoulders as well. Lets/robes are from the Warhammer Fantasy Battles Chaos sorcerer (plastic). Upper arms are from WFB Dark Elf Har Ganeth arms (and I used the blade as his staff). Second set of arms are Daemonette claws (I’ll paint these up in Genestealer colors). Base is from Microarts studios, as for all the minis. He’s weilding a plasma pistol and also has a dark elf knife in one of his arms too. I gave all the models a Dark Elf blade, either in hand or on belt – I figure it’s some sort of ceremonial dagger as part of a cult initiation thing or something.

Another shot of the Magus.

Back of the Magus. I found some bit of a scroll, I think it’s Fantasy Battles somehow, but not 100% sure; it feels very Warhammer-y.

A better shot of the Daemonette arm.

Lots of greenstuff on the neck to blend the head into the Genestealer shoulders.

He’s angry.

Here’s my Brood Brothers. I wanted them to look more human and clean, unlike the Neophytes and Hybrids. They are armed with Autorifle and Bolter in this scene. Heads are from Maxmini. Bodies are from Tau Fire Warriors. Neck collar is from the 40k Dark Vengeance Cultists champion. Legs/robes are from the Fantasy Battles Har Ganeth unit. I really liked these legs, they sort of looked cult-like and nice and clean – I didn’t want rough tattered robes for these guys Bases are from Microarts Studios.

Side view of same guys.

This is a similar guy with a shotgun. Again from the Dark Vengeance set is the shotgun. Head is from Victoria Miniatures (Bald Gas Mask head).

Same guy, looking down the barrel of my SHOT-GUN!

And the hybrids – lots of conversion work and greenstuff on these guys. Bodies are from the Dark Vengeance cultists. Heads are Genestealer heads. Arms are from old Genestealers kit. Each has a ceremonial dagger as well from the Dark Eldar kits. Tried to make some nice tattered robes with greenstuff – I envision these guys as much more bestial and almost “revered pets” of the Brood Brothers and Magus.

Thanks for taking a look, let me know what you think! Comments and critique welcomed.

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