Nurgle Chaos Lord with Jump Pack Conversion WIP

So I’ve been focused on many things lately (too many concurrent projects frankly) and this guy was part of that. Since then I’ve buckled down and recommitted to getting some painting done. But as I finished up my Nurgle Raptors (see this post), I wanted to have Nurgle Jump-pack lord to go with them. I totally lifted the idea from a post on another forum, but also taking the idea and making it my own. Since I’ve gotten him started, I’ve decided to put him aside for a little while as I get some much-needed painting done, but thought I’d post the work in progress shots just for fun. I’ve also got some pictures of my painting progress to show here, just in case you think I’ll all build and no painting!

I got the original idea (shameless stolen) from this thread on Bolter and Chainsword forum. This guy’s stuff is amazing. I loved his idea of a wraith-like guy with a big jump pack on it, so I concocted the idea of doing something similar to make a Chaos Lord of Nurgle with a jump pack much like it. The idea is that he’ll use the Nurgle Raptors as his retinue at some point. Pics below.

This guy is made out of a Games Workshop Cairn Wraith as a base body. I used the MaxMini Bronze Jump Pack, MaxMini large shoulder pads(generously donated by my friend Marc), Nurgled-up a little with some green stuff. The toroso is a carved down chaos marine torso for the front, and a carved down Chaos Marine helmet as well (I think it’s a generic champ head). The belly and guts are of course green stuff. The gold cable you see from the jump pack to the robes is a piece of 0.042″ guitar wire. I figured this guy is a Chaos Lord and been around for a while, and is like 1 or 2 steps away from becoming a Daemon Prince, and so is really rotted and mutated and such. I got the idea of his lower torso being serpentine and rotted/decayed, and taking a note from my Daemon Price conversion (here), made his lower half a rotted skeleton snake body with a pewter ChapterHouse Tyranid lashwhip I had laying around (I seriously have like 15 of these things laying around, after ordering a bunch and deciding I didn’t like them – way too big). Anyways, I’ve put some green stuff on there for flesh rotting off. I haven’t decided what to do with the tip of the tail yet, hence the naked pin in the tail that will eventually connect whatever I decide to put there.

Another shot of this dude. I put a Green Stuff Industries tentacle on the back. I anticipate having a lot more of these coming out of his robes as he gets completed. You can also see a little better how the guitar string cabling attaches to the body.

Another shot, this time the other side and the back. The standard “carved rock out of green stuff” keeps this guy firmly affixed to the base.

Distance shot from the front/side. He’s a very tall, slim model. Mortarion would be pleased. I need to figure out how / what kind of arms I want on him… almost thinking skeletal arms holding combi-weapon and power weapon would be fitting.

And just so you don’t think all I do is build and convert all the time, here are some pics of some work in progress stuff I am painting. Last 5 terminators I have left to paint, along with a few more plague marines that have been sitting around, a sorcerer, a plague marine champion, and my first Nurgle Daemon Prince.

Here’s the plagues, sorcerer (far left), and Mr. Skull Face from earlier, and plague marine and Daemon Prince.

Oy Mate! I’m de-CAYED!!!! :0

Hope you enjoyed the conversion WIP shots. Commentary always welcome, please feel free to leave feedback! I’m particularly interested in feedback on how to add arms – like skeleton arms, large lanky decayed arms, marine arms? What do you think?

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