Nurgle Chaos Marine Rhinos – completed!

These Rhinos have been a long time in construction, magnetization, green-stuffing, painting, and gaming, and now they’re finally “done”. I’m glad to finally put them in the foam case, the way I always mentally check off a model when it’s done. These guys were actually a lot of fun to take from box to completed product, and I learned a lot along the way. Particularly, I spent a lot of time figuring out how to best magnetize each part so that they wouldn’t get in the way, specifically the Havoc launchers and how they would end up interacting with the turret (were I to make them Predator tanks). Take a look at the gallery of shots below and the video showcasing the “accessories” at the end of this post to see the fleet of 8 Nurgle Rhinos!

Here’s the lineup – all 8 Rhino hulls, ready for action!

Side view.

Other side view.

A couple of the less “blinged up” ones.

These guys are pretty blingy.

More bling – this time with TENTACLES!

More close ups of the rust effects covering some of the metal chains, tracks, etc.

Side hatch rusted out with the smoke stack / exhaust rusting as well – the rust effects are my favorites. Open sores too are a favorite. I tried not to go too over the top on the sores but it is Nurgle after all..

Side view. Rusted and pitted out section of one of the exhaust stacks.

Hatches fully articulate and are magnetized to keep them closed. I try to open them up in game play to indicate a disembarkation.

Rear hatch down ready to load up a fresh load of Plague Marines!

Another side view. Skulls are actually Forgeworld skulls that were trophies hanging off a Nurgle Terminator shoulder pad. Figured they were bursting out of this Rhino’s armor as some sort of 3-buboe pox mark, showing favor of the God of Entropy (or something).

Here you can see one of the Predator sponsons locked into place. Both the door jam on the Rhino and the sponson are magnetized to allow quick conversion from Rhino to Predator.

Dozer blades are magnetized as well.

Not a valid configuration, but shows a top hatch and Predator sponson attached. Dozer blade attached too.

Same configuration but top quadrant view.

Rhino with a top hatch put into place. A Nurgly-tentacle thing (Green Stuff Industries tentacle) sprouting out of the top hatch. Eww.

One of my favorites. I made two top hatches with spines erupting out of them, sort of rotting back-spine-thing of a Nurgle Rhino on it’s way to Daemonic possession. Nice and rotting and Plague-like. The spine itself is actually a pewter part, it’s a segment of a Chapterhouse Hive Tyrant lash whip arm.

Another shot of the erupting decrepit spine of the top hatch.

Another shot.

Another shot of the rotting erupting spine. Nurgle be praised!

Last static shot, this time with the Havoc launcher on it’s magnetized resting place. Havoc launchers – don’t leave home without them!

And a video (sorry for quality!) of these guys and some of the magnetization options – enjoy! Comments and critiques welcome!


  1. I love those Rhinos. Great job. Would you be interested in converting a spine Rhino top catch? Email me at and we can work something out.

  2. Thank you! I’ll shoot you an email and we can discuss!

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