Nurgle Daemon Prince #1 – completed!

Finally finished up my first Nurgle Daemon Prince. He is a beautiful miniature and probably one of my favorite miniatures Games Workshop produces. Might even be one of the reasons I went for a Nurgle Chaos Marines list. He’s the new FineCast version, which I love. He’s light as a feather and was a cinch to clean, pin, and assemble. The only drawback I see with the FineCast (on this particular guy) might be the chain and hook wrapped around the sword – it’s a bit fiddly and bendy. Over time I could see as the paint fully cures that any flex in this part of the model will cause paint cracking and chipping, but that is certainly down the road.

Anyways, not a whole lot to say about this guy other than professing my love for the model. More of a showcase post this one I spose. More shots of this guy, all finished, in all his glory. Enjoy!

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