Nurgle Daemon Prince conversion – part 1

For some time now I’ve been working on a custom Nurgle Daemon Prince. He’s getting pretty close to being done with construction, so I thought I’d take a break and snap a couple of pictures to show where he’s at. This guy has taken about 2 months of on-again, off-again work in parallel with my painting of Plague Marines. Here’s some recent photos, along with some in-progress shots of his assembly and sculpting.

This guy is essentially made from the following components: a plastic Chaos Daemon Prince model, face plate from a Chaos Defiler, scythe is made from plastic card stock and a paper clip with green stuff for the haft, carved up wings from a High Elf Griffon from the Island of Blood WFB boxed set, tail is a Chapter House Hive Tyrant Lash Whip (cut to fit and covered with some chunks of green stuff to represent rotting flesh), and the tiles on the base I made from dental plaster and a HirstArts mold. The right hand holding the scythe is a hand from a Posessed Chaos Space Marine (those came in handy when creating my custom Obliterators too).

Here’s some more pics of him throughout his construction. He’s not 100% done at this point, and I suspect I’ll add a few more details to him, but he’s largely there, and I’m actually pretty happy with him. Turned out very close to my vision of him when I looked at the plastic daemon prince box and started day dreaming of my own daemon prince.


  1. Thanks! Appreciate the kind words – very motivational to keep up the progress.

  2. Absolutely fantastic! I love the helmet & hood!

  3. Thanks! He’s been a favorite of mine. So much conversion possibilities with Chaos, and in my opinion, Nurgle in general.

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