Nurgle Land Raider #1 WIP

I love rescue missions. I just picked this one up as I am finished with my last batch of painting (obliterators – done! I Promise pictures soon…). This is a Land Raider that Marc picked up for me from Craigslist (he got one for himself too – it was a two-fer deal). It came already assembled – and rather poorly. Parts didn’t line up great, a little beat up, but the worst was – the “paint job”. I don’t have a picture handy, but I recall seeing on on Craigslist. It was bad. Like psychodelic disco clown bad. Yeah. Marc is a hero by stripping the paint, cleaning it up, and priming it gray. It was built as a vanilla Land Raider, and has been sitting in my collection oh let’s say 6 months or so, and as I mentioned above, since I’m between painting projects, I thought I’d take some time to Chaos/Nurgle/Bling it up.

I basically took the grey hull and have been adding some Nurgly green stuff and Chaos spikey bits as appropriate.

I can’t find one of the side doors, but if in the end I can’t locate it, I’ve got an idea (think tentacles coming out of the door, kinda prying it open).

More of a back shot. The back end where the exhausts are is where the most eggregious misalingments of pieces are – the exhaust ports were very much off-kilter. Thank god for Nurgle-ness! Nothing a little GS won’t fix.

Side shot. Carved off the Aquilla as this was formerly built as a Land Raider for the False Emperor. This is the one side has the one door I could find, painted lime green from previous owner. Think a patchwork of lime green, royal blue, white, and orange and you’ll have an idea of how it was originally painted. Thank you Marc!

Side again. Now I almost don’t want to find that side door for the modelling opportunity!

So yeah, this guy is a work in progress. I recently (with all my Christmas money) bought the majority of what I want to finish off the core of my Nurgle army, in the form of 1 more Land Raider and 3 more Chaos bikes. As per my New Years resolution – I’m starting to think big for my next steps – Forgeworld Titan!

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