Nurgle Plaguereaper Super-Heavy tank – WIP

Hi all, as part of my January 2013 challenge, I decided it was time to finalize my Nurgle Plaguereaper super-heavy tank for 40k Apocalypse battles. I bought an assembled Baneblade tank on ebay for a song, and had it sitting around for some time, with the intent of “nurgling” it up at some point to be my plaguereaper tank. Well, with the rumors of impending release of an updated version of Apocalypse, I felt it was time to get this thing underway and make it look all properly Nurglified. I’ve started the process with adding some green stuff, some tubing & cabling, and the “pus vats” on the sides for the pus cannon on the turret. Take a look below at the shots so far, comments and critique welcomed!

Top shot showing turret and some green stuff work on the front and sides. The cabling coming out of the tanks on the side is bass guitar string, which I’m finding very handy for Nurgle conversions lately. The green cable on the turret is a Green Stuff Industries tube I made some time ago and put on there, just to mix things up.

Side view, can get a little bit better view of the turret and the tanks. The tanks are actually energy drink (SPARK) scoopers that I cut the handles off of and glued to the sides. They were clear plastic scoops. I used liquid green stuff from Games Workshop line to coat them several times, and let it get a little tacky, then roughed it in areas with the points of the bristles on the brush. The hope/intent is to have it create a rusting effect on the tanks, we’ll see how it looks once it’s painted.

Close up on the turret. I’m not going “too” over the top on the turret, I’ve seen some that are positively… “organic”, which I’m trying to avoid.

Other side view. The smaller off-color gas-tank looking things are from the Maxmini line. I’ll eventually have some tubes going from them to the sponsons or something – haven’t quite decided.

Side view. You can kind of see the stippling effect on the tanks with the liquid green stuff.

Another side view. The bottom of the tanks are filled with glued-down ballast. This will be the bottom of the nasty gurgling pus tanks. After it’s all painted and sealed, the intent will be to fill the tanks with clear, greenish-yellow resin. The tube coming out of the tank will look like it’s siphoning off the pus in the tanks. (Perfectly) Gross!

Close-up shot of the pus tank. Eww….

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