Nurgle Raptors painting progress

I’ve been working on these Raptors for some time, and finally finished 2/3 of them (painted up). A lick of paint always makes them perform better on the battlefield I always say, so these guys are finally ready to deploy in full force for the ruinous powers. I’ve got about 4 more to paint plus a Nurgle Lord with jump pack, and those are currently on my painting bench. I had fun converting these – these were the first minis I made using Green Stuff Industry’s “Tentacle Maker” – I couldn’t be happier!

This guy is one of my favorites. His body/belly cavity has been hollowed out and some green stuff work to show the rotting innards, with a GSI tentacle doubling as a rotting intestine hanging out. Gross!

This guy has a tentacle coming out of his armor and wrapping around his leg. A nurlge eye is growing out of his kneecap for good measure.

My favorite Nurgle raptor. This guy is swooping down for the kill.

Class picture.

Nurgle raptor with combi-bolter (melta). Tentacle by Green Stuff Industries. Head is from Chapterhouse. Converted combi-melta is from MaxMini (“Nuclear gun”).

Big intestine guy again.

Here’s that guy again with the tentacle wrapping round his leg. Tapered version of the tubing works great for Nurgle tentacles.

Same dude from the back, you can see how the GSI tentacles wraps around.

“Mr. Tentacle Feet”

My favorite dude again. If I make more of these guys might pattern them more after him.

i really like this guy too. The CSM Possessed arm looks really nice.

So that’s all of them that are painted at the moment! Comments and critiques as always welcome! Thanks for looking!

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