Nurgle Raptors progress

Oh my Nurgle Raptors, how you’ve suffered by my modelling OCD, multiple colds, deprioritization due to family and work life, and not to mention wandering eye towards painting my Nurgle Terminators and Daemon Prince (pics soon I promise). But I got the bug to finish these guys lately after a game where I used a single squad of 5 of them. They did pretty well, even though I’ll play them a little differently next time. I had about 10 of them pretty close to done before my last game, which needed some finishing touches. I also had 5 more that needed complete assembly. I liked the first 10 I did, but for the last 5 I wanted to get a little more crazy with the positioning and the modeling, so over the last week or so I buckled down and went into git-r-dun mode. Below are some of them, pretty much all finished, and ready for painting.

I’m going to have to say that this guy is my favorite. He’s in a swooping down position, ready to land and rip into his prey as he lands on taloned feet. The two toes on each foot are from the Chaos Marine Possessed sprue, they are some kind of hooks or something. I figured why not make them talons! The legs are repositioned significantly, and they are the standard Space Marine assault legs. Toes are cut off for the talons and legs repositioned to get them looking like they are pushed forwards, ready to land on their quarry. Torso is standard CSM, arms are (right) Possessed CSM chainsword mutant arm, right is CSM Possessed mutated power sword, but with sword part cut off and a MaxMini “nuclear gun” (aka Melta Gun) pinned in there and greenstuffed to make it look like the gun is melding into the arm. The head is from ChapterHouse Studios. Jump pack is from MaxMini. Lots of green stuff for good measure.

Another view of this guy, from the other side. I had to cut the left foot out of the power armor as well and reposition it so it looked like his foot was more outstretched. It was surprisingly easier than I thought it would be to carve his foot out and repin it back in, with nice pock marked green stuff to cover up the joins.

Left side here. You can see some green stuff detail on the leg. Also, a standard thing I do to get the model off the base, I build up a big blob of green stuff on the base, and then after it cures I carve it down with my X-Acto knife to make it look like rock. The Raptor is actually pinned to the base first with a long section of paperclip, which the greenstuff is molded around, then carved down.

Right side. You can see leg and base detail again. Also, the shoulder pad detail is visible. I like to score a plain shoulder pad with little marks with my X-Acto knife, then put a very very thin layer of green stuff on it, then use my sculpting tool to make small holes, dents, and corrosion marks. Looks great once painted.

Another raptor here. He turned out ok. His feet are actually each a CSM Possessed head, with the face cut off – the head that has the two straight horns coming off the forehead! The two giant toes you see on each foot are actually a Possessed head’s horns. I dunno where I come up with it, I guess I just look through the bits box and say, hey, that could be Raptor toes! I like this guy well enough but the toes look a bit long, but ah well, he’s different. Made sure I used some nice big boils on his legs to make him all Nurgly.

This dude is one of my Raptor champions with a converted Combi-melta. For this guy, I used some Tyranid Tyrannofex body spikes for his toes, a single toe on each foot. General greenstuff Nurglification all around as well.

Another guy with some Nurglification. Didn’t go too overboard on all of them, this one is a little more tame than most.

This guy I went overboard on one of his legs. I cut off his right leg at the knee, put a big pin in, and built up a nice mutated, pustulent leg in it’s place; as if the armor rotted away and left a big mutant deformed leg to fend for itself. This guy’s conversion was pretty fun.

Side view of another Nurgle Raptor.

Front view of another champion with Combi-Melta.

Side view of a standard Raptor with Bolt Pistol and chainsword. I used a CSM Possessed chainsword mutant arm on this guy. This arm is by default positioned to be a right arm, but I cut off the arm where it meets the shoulder, rotated the shoulder around 180 degrees, pinned it back to the arm, and wala! A left arm mutant chainsword arm. Sweet.

Same guy, front view.

Another basic trooper Raptor, with well built up base of greenstuff for “perching on rocky outcropping” look.

Melta gunner Raptor trooper.

Front view of same guy. He has a big blast hole in his belly with guts/tubes hanging out. This tube is from the Green Stuff Industries Tentacle maker. I find myself using these tools a ton. Love ’em.

Raptor Champion with Combi-Metla converted from a GW bolter and a MaxMini “Nuclear Gun” again. The nuclear guns are way cheaper than the GW melta guns and look great and are easy to work with (resin is strong but pretty easy to cut). Greenstuff guts again brought to you by GSI Tentacle Maker. Shoulder pad again using the same procedure – light scoring, thin layer of greenstuff, sculpting tool to pock and sore-ify.

Same guy, more frontal view.

So there you have it! Not all of my Raptors are represented here, and apologies for the semi-cruddy photos, but these are some of the highlights and the better pictures I took. Commentary and constructive criticism welcome!


  1. Those Raptors are looking great, COG! They are going to look stupendous painted.

  2. Thanks! I think they turned out pretty well. It’s fun to try to come up with reasonable models with just what’s in your bits box and maybe a specialized part or two.

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