Nurgle Raptors Prototypes

My bits bucket was looking at me last night and given that I’ve finished painting the last 10 of my 60 (current) plague marines and I believe I have just about everything assembled I need for the 6000 point apocalypse game I have coming up in 2 weeks, I thought I’d start taking a crack at a project that I’ve had on the back burner for some time. A long while ago I posted about how I bought some bits from and Chapterhouse Studios for creating some Nurgle-themed Raptors. Well, GW came out with a new set of Raptors not 2 weeks agao. They look great, but not really what I was looking for. So with these two pieces of data my brain made the binary decision to start the process of assembling these guys.

Now mind you I don’t want to get too far down the road with these guys since I don’t know how they can be armed (codex comes out this Saturday, and you can bet I’ll be there when the doors open to pick up my pre-order copy). So I figured I’d put the torsos, legs, heads, and jump packs together to test out my theory on how they would go together and leave the arms off until I get the codex and see how they should be armed. Some pictures below.

Now the interesting part – the feet. On the last iteration of Chaos Raptors, I really liked the “feet”. The feet sort of mutated into claws but still in power armor intrigued me, and I wanted to capture the same feel. Since I didn’t want to have all pewter models that I had to Nurglify, I decided to try to make them in plastic and try my hand at converting some of those “bird of prey” feet. Well, I found these lego bits on line that look like little grabber hooks (not sure what piece they are), so I ordered them, and then chopped off each tip of the grabber piece and wala! Raptor toes.

I really like the way the MaxMini jump packs and Chapterhouse Studio heads look too. After some proper corrosion and Nurglification with my pin vice and green stuff, I think these guys will look ace.

At some point I have to clean those paint splatters off my work bench…



  2. Looks great! As an FYI, the latest WD reveals some of the weapon load-out. Vanilla is bolt pistol and chainsword, the box set also comes with a plasma gun, meltagun, flamer and 3 plasma pistols. The champion can take a power sword or power fist.

  3. Put together a couple more last night. I’ll have to post photos. I am quickly becoming very excited about my Nurgle Raptors – can’t wait to see the codex to see how to arm them.

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