Nurgle Sorcerer, Part Deux

So I’ve been in my dungeon, er.. man cave.. er.. “shop”, yeah yeah, that’s it… quite a bit during this holiday vacation of mine and getting a lot of work done. Which is awesome. I’ve been getting to a lot of those projects that have been sitting around for a long time needing attention, especially painting, and finally starting to get somewhere with them. Another one is a 2nd Chaos Nurgle Space Marine Sorcerer that I banged out a while ago out of just spare bits I had laying around. The goal was to create something that was super-cool but where I didn’t have to go shell out money or get special bits to make, just stuff I had laying around. This is the guy I came up with. He’s been built for a while, not I’ve finally finished painting him.

Remember this guy? Well back in my post from September 5th, 2012, I had just finished assembling this dude. He’s seen a few games and over the last few weeks or so was benched for a bit to get painted. Results as follows!

Front shot. He turned out pretty good. That scythe is the scythe blade from a miniature called “Old Death” from Enigma Miniatures. Nice mini, using the wings and such for another gleam-in-the-eye project at some point. Expensive though – don’t recommend getting him if you don’t have a good idea for him. Just for reference, the wings on the Old Death Miniature – not big enough for a Daemon Prince. A little big but look good on a Chaos Lord though, food for thought.

Back/side shot. Have the open sore on the leg, gotta have it with those Nurglies ya know.

Anyways, that’s my 2nd sorcerer. Fun little conversion this one. Might have to dream up a new one at some point…

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