Nurgle Terminator Lord

Got the plastic Chaos Lord Terminator at the local hobby shop recently.  I decided to do my best to come up with a terminator lord that has Nurgle-themed, whether I decided to give him the Mark of Nurgle or not, I wanted him to fit with the army.  Of course, with my recent decision to magnetize, he was the first out of the blocks to get the treatment.

Front view of the guy is pretty straightforward, not a lot of green-stuffing compared to some of my future visions of conversion, but some serious overhaul of the base model nonetheless.  I’ve made the greaves pretty nurgled out.  Head is the Tzeentch champion head modified to have the canonical Nurgle horn sprouting out.

This next one is a side view. You can see the lightning claws a little better. The shoulder pad is the Forgeworld Nurgle Chaos Terminator shoulder pads.

Offset side view.

Back view.

Here he is with his arms off and magnets showing. I used 1/8″ x 1/32″ rare earth magnets by MagnetMan. Pretty cheap and definitely does the trick.


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