Plague Marines – painting progress

Getting started on painting my plague marines (finally!) after a pretty long hiatus from painting. The Nurgle Terminator Lord I just finished up was the test subject for the color scheme I wanted, and he turned out pretty nicely, so I’m going to go with it for my whole army, with a few small tweaks. The terminator lord turned out a little dark, so I’m lightening up the scheme by having a heavier light-colored dry brush step before I do the final Athonian Camoshade (green) wash. You can see some close-ups of the scheme below…


  1. Very nice colour scheme and paint job on your Plague Marines. Would you mind sharing your process with me?


  2. Absolutely! Will post a tutorial in the near future.

  3. Did you ever get a chance to post that tutorial? I’ve been trying to replicate what you did with very little success. I am running out of test models 🙁

  4. Have you posted a tutorial on how you painted your PM? I have been trying to recreate your look with very little success 🙁 Thanks!

  5. I haven’t yet – but tell you what. I’ll post a brief tutorial tonight (with text only with colors and techniques) to unblock you and later on I’ll follow up with a picture tutorial, does that work?

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