Siege of Thrax Campaign – Episode 5 of 5 – Escalation

Lumbering behemoths of super-heavy tanks rolls forward and crush all in their bath as the confrontation between the Imperium and the Forces of Ruin escalate to the dramatic campaign finale for the Siege of Thrax. The Forces of Light, being continued to be pushed back to their Hive City of Thrax Primaris, make a last-ditch effort to slow the advance of the Forces of Chaos as they relentlessly push forwards in their mission to waking the Sleeping Daemon-God buried beneath the City. The Inquisition are now fully engaged in the confrontation, pulling all stops to halt the advance of the traitorous Space Marine Legions. Will the Forces of the Arch Heretic Zyrana Haarlock and her Chaos Space Marines, with the Death Guard as her closest allies, be able to push forward to final Siege of Thrax Primaris? Check the battle report within to find out!

The Story..

The Forces of Ruin are close now to the Hive City of Thrax Primaris, and are gathering all their might to make the final push towards capturing the city. The Imperials, now with having the Inquisition fully engaged in the conflict, make a last-ditch effort to stem the tide of the Chaos incursion and blunt the advace before they reach the hallowed walls of the fortified city. As the Shadowsword and Plaguereaper super-heavy tanks rumble forward, they take aim at the stalwart Imperial defenders in this climatic battle.

The Mission…

We decided in the end to just simply play a regular mission, but up the points total to 2500 instead of our regular 2000 point games (to simulate the rising crecendo to the conflict) and allow 1x Super-heavy per player. The game would be 4 total players, 2 on each side, each bringing 2500 points for a total battle size of 5000 points. The rolled for mission and deployment and got Crusade mission (just kill stuff) with Dawn of War deployment (long table edge). Imperials won the dice-off for table edge. Chaos side won the dice-off for first deployment and first turn. Imperials nominated John’s Inquisitor as faction Warlord and got the ability to re-roll reserve rolls as warlord trait. Chaos got the ability to redeploy 1 unit as their warlord trait for the Nurgle Chaos Lord. Imperials did not successfully sieze the initiative, and so the Forces of Ruin went first. After all the set-up, the sides went to battle!

Battle Report (Video):

A little bit different format this time, and hopefully something we can do in the future more often, is a video battle report. It’s my first one so go easy! 🙂 Check out the turn-by-turn recaps of the unfolding battle below. After the video I post some pictures of the battlefield as well. Enjoy!

The traitorous Chaos Legion Shadowsword super-heavy tank, deployed and ready for battle with the Imperium.

The forces of the Death Guard, with their Tri-las Predator and Rhino filled with Nurgle’s finest, deploy on their quarter of the table, ready for the attack.

Nurgle’s superheavy Dawn of Pestilence is deployed and ready for battle.

Rear-quarter shot of the Dawn of Pestilence. This super-heavy tank would later be destroyed in the conflict, but not after taking a heavy toll on the Imperial forces.

Chaos Space Marines of Zyrana Haarlock’s traitorous legion stand ready to go into action.

The left flank of the traitor’s forces deployment.

The 2nd Tri-las predator for the forces of Nurgle, lurking in the cover of a ruin for protection. This Predator tank would not move throughout the entire game. It made a few good, key shots during the game but otherwise mostly had the effect of drawing a fair amount of fire. It ended the game losing a hull point.

Chaos team deployment from the left side angle.

The Plaguereaper Dawn of Pestilence rumbles forward to engage the forces of the Inquisition.

Hiding out in a bunker during turn 1.

The Chaos Shadowsword strikes a direct hit with it’s Volcano cannon on the Inquisition super-heavy tank, causing an Apocalyptic explosion!

The view from the Shadowsword.

The bottom of Turn 1, the Imperial forces drive forward and engage the enemy!

Imperial forces Land Raider and Super-heavy move forward and engage the enemy in turn 1.

The Inquisition Land Raider threatens the left flank of the Chaos deployment zone.

And that’s all the static shots I managed to take of the battlefield. Check out the video above for more complete comprehensive coverage of the battle. A victory for the forces of Chaos. Comments and feedback on style of battle report are welcome.

Stay tuned for the exciting Apocalyptic battle for the possession of the Hive City of Thrax Primaris!

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