Slaanesh Noise Marines prototype

I’ve been wanting to make a Slaanesh Noise Marine squad for some time now, and as I’m working on several projects in the background getting ready for a family trip soon, I’ve decided to go through my bits box and find the parts to make these guys (that I bought quite some time ago) an start building a prototype Noise Marine (mostly out of competitor bits) to see what he’d look like. I think he turned out pretty cool, especially for all the random parts I used (many of them competitor bits). Check out the pics below – as always commentary and feedback welcome!

So this guy has several parts from various companies. The torso is a Games Workshop Khorne beserker torso. I like it because it has chains and studs on it, which I figure is pretty Slaanesh-y. The arms are the Finecast Sonic Blaster arms from Games Workshop too. And that’s where the GW parts end… except maybe the base. The head, left shoulder pad, and legs are from Kromlech. The legs are specifically legionaire legs. The head is from Kromlech’s “Bedlam Fraternity” range, as is the left shoulder pad. The backpack is a Gothic / steampunk backpack from

Shot from the side. The GW shoulder pad in full view. Nice details I think.

From the front. I really dig the head bit.

Back. The Maxmini backpack at first seems huge, but on the assembled model it isn’t bad. It’s still big, but reasonable.

So what do you think? Feedback welcome!

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