Squatch It! NW30k Horus Heresy Invitational – March 25th

Hello one and all and welcome to the massive picture dump of the Horus Heresy Invitational! This event was organized by Northwest 30k fearless leader David Leggé and graciously hosted by Paul Sewell of Heroic Knight Games in Issaquah, WA. Many gamers showed up (a total of 24 players, 6 players battling it out on 3 Zone Mortalis boards, and 18 players playing on regular 4×6 tables) for some awesome Horus Heresy action. So many great armies on display, and the Northwest 30k scene is growing and with a lot of really great people. And a mysterious creature showed up on one table!!!! I wasn’t able to spend the whole day there due to other commitments, but took some pictures, as well as posted other’s pictures from the day here, for your enjoyment – check it out!

The Event

The 30k / Horus Heresy Invitational was a big event held on March 25th, 2017. We had 2 flavors of games – Zone Mortalis (1000 point lists) and regular Age of Darkness missions (some games with a twist!) with 3000 point lists for those. The format was 3 games for ZM, and 2 games total for the larger boards. Loyalists and Traitor points were captured, and at the end of the day, the Loyalists carried the day with overall more points won. But the more important part was – everyone had fun and much “pew pew!” sounds were heard!

Special Guest Star

On one table we had a special guest star brought to us by a specially created mission! We’d be lying if we said we weren’t trolling the Eye of Horus podcast just a little bit by having random “creatures” called “Squatches” invade one of our tables on the harsh world of Sabreath – I’ll let you find the pics below and the rules!


Some of these pictures are ones I took myself, but there’s also several pictures from other members of the community here as well. Thanks everyone for taking so many excellent pics of the event!

Many of the photographs taken during the event are courtesy of Dalene Heyden of Faded Stretched Out Photography. Look for the “F&SO” watermark on her photos -they really are a cut above what any of the rest of us could do!

Armies on Parade

Here’s some pictures of the many armies, both Zone Mortalis and Age of Darkness missions, that were used during the event. Everything painted and looking great! A good variety of legions, mechanicum, and Solar Aux even represented in the community. I hope I got at least one shot of your army either at Parade Rest or during the action at some point – so many great armies to look at in action on this day!

Zone Mortalis Games

The Zone Mortalis games were a big hit and a lot of fun. We’ve got a mix of actual Forge World boards as well as some custom boards from the tiles from Calth / Prospero boxes with Pegasus Hobbies terrain to denote walls. All in all this was a great way to get some tables set up that looked incredible and were very cost effective and timely to put together. Kudos to the organizers and the folks who donated time and effort into making terrain for the event!

Another fun thing about the event was that what happened on the Zone Mortalis boards had impact to the other tables in the event. Bombardments came down from the orbiting space ship onto other tables to wreak havoc. Dangerous cataclysmic depressurizations on the ship rained debris onto the battlefield! Chaos!

3000 point full-table games

We had many games of 3000 points going on at the same time. These had some fun missions, thank you Dave for setting these up. They were a lot of fun and was a great way to mix up the regular Age of Darkness missions. I wasn’t personally able to stay the entire day, but I know in talking to others afterwards that it was a great time.

On the table I played, we encountered the dread Squatch King and his minions on the fields of Sabreath – they were deadly! Of course, Squatches tore everything up, and getting “too close to the trees” was inviting their wrath!

Below are some pictures of the day in action.

A Squatch King about to wreck face!

And here we see the Elusive “Squatch King” in his natural habitat on Sabreath, ready to destroy some awful Mechanicum invaders…

It was really great to se a Solar Aux army on the table! Great job!

Thank you again to all who attended and came with great looking armies. Great games and lots of fun. Hope to see you at another event soon! Thanks again to Dalene of Faded & Stretched Out photography for the great photos. And a special thanks to Paul Sewell of Heroic Knight Games in Issaquah for hosting the event. See you all next time!

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