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40k Zone Mortalis – Eldar vs. Salamanders

March 5, 2016 Posted by cranky

Had a great game day this Saturday with the gaming crew and we got a game of Zone Mortalis in with 40k armies. We didn’t use the full ZM rules as we’re still getting our collective memories back with the 40k rule set. But we did do 2 40k armies provided by my friend John, using Eldar vs. Salamanders Space Marines. I played the Eldar (first time ever playing Eldar) and John fielded his trusty Marines. Craig provided the amazing custom Zone Mortalis boards and moral support (mostly for John as you’ll see in the bat rep later on. Great time was had and I definitely felt the power of the Eldar coursing through my veins as we played this game! Check out the army lists and some pictures of the battle as it unfolded as the Salamanders attempt to recover as many relics as they can before the crafty Eldar make off with their ancient and forbidden xeno-tech!


40k Battle Report: Imperial Fists vs. Death Guard CSM

February 28, 2016 Posted by cranky

Had a chance to get a 40k game in this last week against a great guy and opponent at the local game store Heroic Knight Games, down in Issaquah. I haven’t played 40k in a while and got inspired to as I’m building up my 30k Mechanicum army,so I figured I better get more up to speed on 7th Ed. rules if I’m going to play some Horus Heresy action! So I went down and met my sparring partner and we got a game in! Check out short form notes of our game and some pics we took. Must play again soon!


DreamForge Games Leviathan Mortis Titan Build

October 3, 2015 Posted by cranky

My dear friend Marc recently acquired a few Dreamforge Titan kits, having wanted to build them for some time, finally taking the plunge to get them and construct one of them, for the purpose of using as an alternate 40k Knight Titan. He took the time to put together an unboxing and step-by-step instruction guide on assembly, and gave us some tips and tricks along the way. Check out his walk-through below, with a size comparison to an Ork Stompa at the end!


Chaos Daemons – Daemon Prince of Slaanesh completed

September 3, 2015 Posted by cranky

A short time ago I finished 2 conversions as a commission for by friend Tobie over at Tiny Metal Men blog. I built a Lord of Change (see earlier blog post here) and a Slaanesh Daemon Prince, in exchange for his painting services on some Chaos Cultists for my Khorne Daemonkin army. I was amazed at how quickly and how amazingly he painted up the Slaanesh Daemon prince. Check out the conversion pics and the final painted article here!


Chaos Daemons – Lord of Change Conversion commission completed!

August 16, 2015 Posted by cranky

Well gamers – I’ve had this commission on my work bench for some time, and feeling a *little* guilty for how long it took me to get completed, but I feel like it’s pretty much done and I’m ready to show it off. A friend of mine, introduced through the Facebook page and some Nurgle scultping work I did, reached out to me with a special project, and I was happy to take it on. It was going to be a challenge as it would test my skills to do real anatomy. I think it turned out pretty well and I’m happy to say it’s complete. Check it out inside for progress and finished work!