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DeepWars (short-form) video battle report #11 – Dark Mariners vs. Scaly Horde

November 1, 2017 Posted by cranky

Hello and welcome to our 11th DeepWars video battle report! We take a slightly different approach this time and do a “short-form” battle report – instead of blow-by-blow action, we do “turn summaries” and capture the action after each player turn. Let us know what you think! In this battle, we have the Dark Mariners battle the Scaly Horde to breach a submerged science station and steal it’s treasures. In this 650 point game, we have lots of magic and wall-breaching action, and its a nail-biter all the way to the end – check it out!


DeepWars video battle report #10 – Nereids vs. Scaly Horde

October 11, 2017 Posted by cranky

Welcome to our 10th video battle report for DeepWars! We polled the Facebook community “The Abyssal Realms” (fan community for the DeepWars game) and asked them what battle they most wanted to see next. Out of 5 or 6 options, the overwhelming fan request was to pit the two “warbeast” factions against one another to see who reigns supreme amongst these two factions. And the results are in! Check out our link below to see how this battle went down under the waves.


DeepWars video battle report #9 – Dark Mariners vs. Axibalan Empire

June 29, 2017 Posted by cranky

Welcome to our 9th video battle report for DeepWars. In this game, we pit the Dark Mariners vs. the Axibalan Empire in an amphibious assault on a submerged ziggurat, searching for a lost artefact that holds wonderous and terrible power. In this 800 point game, we show off new mechanics like battles above the water with ShadowSea rules, boats, new magical powers, and more! Check out our link to our YouTube video battle report here!

DeepWars video battle report #5 – Ancients of Atalán vs. Fortune Hunters 800 points

January 16, 2017 Posted by cranky

Hey there folks, Cranky here with our latest video battle report for the DeepWars game from Antimatter Games. In this scenario we pit the Ancients of Atalán vs. the Fortune Hunters to battle over the Laurentian Science Station, next to the cliffs of Blood Reef. The Fortune Hunters built this station, but have mysteriously abandonded it – now they are back. The Ataláns move to deny them access to their science facility. Who will emerge victorious?


DeepWars video battle report – Atalans vs. Dark Mariners 800 points

August 11, 2016 Posted by cranky

I just finished composing a video battle report for DeepWars, the undersea tactical miniatures combat game by Antimatter Games. This battle report is an 800 point battle (roughly 8-10 models per side) between the Ancients of Atalan vs. the Dark Mariners. In this first battle report, the two opposing factions battle for supremacy over the center objective of the map. This being our first video battle report, we go over some mechanics and go into details for the dice roll modifiers, etc, to help the newcomer to DeepWars better understand the game. Check out the link inside to see the full recap of the action!