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40k Battle Report: Imperial Fists vs. Death Guard CSM

February 28, 2016 Posted by cranky

Had a chance to get a 40k game in this last week against a great guy and opponent at the local game store Heroic Knight Games, down in Issaquah. I haven’t played 40k in a while and got inspired to as I’m building up my 30k Mechanicum army,so I figured I better get more up to speed on 7th Ed. rules if I’m going to play some Horus Heresy action! So I went down and met my sparring partner and we got a game in! Check out short form notes of our game and some pics we took. Must play again soon!


Chaos Space Marine – Nurgle Rhino Hatch commission

November 3, 2014 Posted by cranky

A recent request came in through this blog to do a custom commission “Nurgle Rhino Top-Hatch” similar to the ones I did for my Nurgle CSM army. The request came from a posting of a Facebook battle report and link to some pictures that were took at a local gaming shop >Heroic Knight Games in Issaquah, WA. I spent a lot of time getting my Nurgles custom-built and I’m happy to share the love! Check out the details of the bits used and the pics of the top hatch – all hail Father Nurgle!


Chaos Daemon Prince conversion – done!

September 13, 2014 Posted by cranky

Well this guy has been a long time in the making. I finished painting this guy in the winter of 2013 and he sat on the shelf waiting for the weather to get better before I sealed him with clear coat. Now he’s done (well not 100% done, I need to put some metal flake on the rusted parts but that won’t take long) and he’s ready for the battlefield. I started this guy a long time ago with progress shots here and I’m glad he’s finally gotten completed. He’s one of my favorite conversions. Some pics below of this guy. I’m finding that now I’m building a Chaos Daemons army, I can use him in a dual role for HQ in CSM or HS for CD.


Siege of Thrax Campaign – Episode 5 of 5 – Escalation

April 6, 2014 Posted by cranky

Lumbering behemoths of super-heavy tanks rolls forward and crush all in their bath as the confrontation between the Imperium and the Forces of Ruin escalate to the dramatic campaign finale for the Siege of Thrax. The Forces of Light, being continued to be pushed back to their Hive City of Thrax Primaris, make a last-ditch effort to slow the advance of the Forces of Chaos as they relentlessly push forwards in their mission to waking the Sleeping Daemon-God buried beneath the City. The Inquisition are now fully engaged in the confrontation, pulling all stops to halt the advance of the traitorous Space Marine Legions. Will the Forces of the Arch Heretic Zyrana Haarlock and her Chaos Space Marines, with the Death Guard as her closest allies, be able to push forward to final Siege of Thrax Primaris? Check the battle report within to find out!


Battle Report – Siege of Thrax, Episode 4

March 21, 2014 Posted by cranky


The Imperial and Ruinous Powers Warlords march towards their large-scale confrontation in Episode 4 of 5, in this latest installment of the Siege of Thrax campaign. In this scenario, the armies combine forces for the first time in the campaign and take the field together as the Imperial Guard, Dark Angels, and Salmanders Space Marines compete with the forces of The Unchained and the Death Guard Chaos Space Marines to capture an orbiting Space Hulk and plunder the relics aboard to perhaps in some way tip the balance in the saga. How will the battle unfold? Read on!